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Bolivia at the Abyss: A Special Report


Details are slowly trickling in about the inhumanities committed during the Massacre at Pando and its aftermath. Here is a collection of testimonies gathered by Radio Erbol.

Tonight the Democracy Center published a special issue of our newsletter, providing background on these events as well as an update. Tomorrow the Presidents of virtually every nation in South America will hold an emergency summit in Chile to offer their backing to President Morales. Argentine President has compared the threat in Bolivia to the bloody coup in Chile 35 years ago this week.

Our special report is below, embedded with links to other background materials published previously by The Democracy Center.

Jim Shultz


At least twenty-five people are dead as the result of political violence. It is unclear if the nation will be able to steer clear of open civil war. The Bolivian and U.S. governments have taken turns kicking one another's ambassadors out of the country. The Presidents of virtually every nation in South America are convening in an emergency summit in Chile on Monday morning, with one of them calling this moment the biggest threat to a democracy on the continent since the bloody coup that installed Augusto Pinochet in power there in 1973.

This is the state of things in Bolivia and in Latin America as I write.

The Road to Confrontation

Bolivia's steady path to bloody conflict did not begin this week. The nation in the heart of South America bears the distinctions of being both the continent's most impoverished, as well as the most indigenous country in all of the Americas. Going back to the Spanish conquest, Bolivia's indigenous majority has always been driven to the political and economic margins, ruled by a whiter and wealthier elite in a political culture not unlike South Africa during apartheid.

That political imbalance began to change dramatically in 2000 with the now-famous Cochabamba Water Revolt. The Revolt, in which citizens took to the streets to take back their public water system from the Bechtel Corporation, signaled a rising up of the nation's most impoverished against economic policies imposed on the country in the 1990s by an alliance of wealthy leaders and global institutions in Washington, including the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

In December 2005 the rise of Bolivia's impoverished and indigenous led to the landmark election of the country's first indigenous President, Evo Morales. And in turn Morales' arrival in power cemented and exploded the deep divisions between the country's wealthier eastern states and poorer western ones. Battles over a proposed new constitution, regional autonomy, land reform, and the division of new gas and oil revenue blew up into violent conflicts over and over again.

Last May, Morales, accepted a challenge from some of his opponents to put his political mandate, and theirs, to the test with an August 10th recall vote. Morales won that ballot with a huge 67% of the vote. That result and Morales' declaration that he would seek a national vote on his proposed constitution further radicalized his opposition in the eastern states.

On Tuesday, mobs of youths egged on by the region's political leaders ransacked and burned key offices of the national government in Santa Cruz, Bolivia's wealthiest department. On Wednesday the violence spread to the state of Tarija where mobs of Morales opponents invaded and destroyed the office of a local indigenous organization, leaving at least 80 people wounded.

Then on Thursday came the massacre in Pando, one of the country's smallest states but one controlled by the most violent opponents of the government. A group of indigenous campesinos, backers of Morales, headed to the local capital for a meeting, were ambushed by armed backers of the local Governor. The current body count from that attack is now 25 and climbing as more corpses are discovered in the surrounding fields. The Bolivian press has reported that machine guns were among the weapons used.

The Role of the U.S.

On Tuesday, following the violence in Santa Cruz, President Morales formally commanded the U.S. Ambassador, Phillip Goldberg, to leave the country. In retaliation the Bush Administration did the same, ordering the departure of Bolivia's ambassador to Washington. Morales cited Goldberg's suspicious meetings with two of the opposition governors on the eve of the attacks and declared, "We do not want people here who conspire against democracy."

Soon afterwards Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez jumped on the oust-the ambassador bandwagon, ordering that U.S. Ambassador out of the country as well. Then Washington ordered Venezuela's ambassador home. "The charges against our ambassadors are false and the Presidents of Bolivia and Venezuela know that," declared State Department spokesman Sean McCormack.

The U.S. has a long history of intervention in Latin America, and Bolivia has not been spared. For nearly two decades Bolivian governments been pressured by Washington to wage a "War on Drugs" in Bolivia, with serious collateral damage to human rights. Until Morales suspended the practice last year, the U.S. Embassy paid Bolivian anti-drug prosecutors a special salary bonus aimed at increasing the number of jailings each year. The bonus program produced impressive statistics for the Embassy to send to Washington, but at the cost of thousands of innocent people thrown in jail to boost the numbers.

Goldberg himself, who took over as Ambassador shortly after Morales' 2006 inauguration, has proved to be an inept diplomat over and over again. In June 2007 the military attaché at the Embassy in La Paz, a U.S. Army Colonel, decided to have a relative carry down 500 rounds of 45-caliber ammunition packed in her suitcase. The event spiked Bolivian fears of U.S. intervention and Goldberg made the public uproar even worse by going against the advice of senior aides, trying to downplay the incident as a minor mistake.

Last February, a young U.S. Fulbright Scholar revealed to ABC News that an Embassy official had asked him to gather intelligence on Cubans and Venezuelans in Bolivia. It also turned out that the Embassy was systematically asking U.S. Peace Corps volunteers to do the same – a direct violation of the laws governing both programs. Again Goldberg tried to downplay the incident as an innocent error. The Morales administration threatened to prosecute the official involved and he left the country.

I have seen Mr. Goldberg's diplomatic ineptness up close. Last year before an audience of 100 Americans in Cochabamba he made a joke about the lynching of a Bolivian woman, and dripped with condescension at the Bolivian government.

For its part, the Morales government has often used flimsy evidence to back its claims of a Goldberg conspiracy. This includes charges last year that the Ambassador carried out secret meetings with an alleged Colombian paramilitary operative, based on the two of them posing for a photo together at a crowded Santa Cruz fair. It seems unlikely that even an inept diplomat would hold a clandestine meeting amidst several thousand onlookers. Yet Morales waved the photo as evidence at a Latin American Presidents' summit.

Nevertheless, Goldberg was clearly back in the ineptness business a week ago when, in the face of new attacks on Morales by the rebel Governors, Goldberg decided to travel off and have cordial visits with two of them. Did the U.S. Ambassador pass along secret orders to launch last week's violence? No one but the participants knows what advice Washington's man offered behind closed doors, but I seriously doubt it was to unleash Bolivian Armageddon.

Morales' opponents, many driven by fierce racism, hardly needed a push from the U.S. Nor did a movement fueled by wealthy landowners need secret U.S. cash. Nevertheless, Goldberg's visits were one more demonstration of his chronic diplomatic tone deafness, this time setting off a major crisis in Washington's relations in Latin America.

The incident also cost both the U.S. and Bolivia one of the most competent Ambassadors either of them had, the Bolivian envoy to Washington, Gustavo Guzman. A respected former journalist, Guzman had established good ties with an administration in Washington that has very few of them to Latin America. Guzman noted, "We had achieved a channel of dialog [in Washington] that today, regrettably, has been lost."

What Next?

At this writing, the Morales government is in negotiations with one of the opposition governors, with each side looking for a peaceful way out of the crisis – maybe. There are forces competing between negotiations and battle on both sides. In response to Thursday's massacre Morales has also sent troops into the embattled Pando region and declared a State of Emergency there, which includes a curfew and a ban on political meetings. Road blockades have left parts of the country without fuel and with potential food shortages.

Politicians in the U.S., stuck in dueling tough-guy mode, have ignored the racist attacks and focused on the sideshow of Goldberg's ousting. GOP Presidential nominee John McCain warned, "…Bolivia's expulsion of the American ambassador there, reminds us anew of the dangerous trends in our own hemisphere." Democratic nominee Barak Obama issued a similar declaration through a campaign spokeswoman. "Obama is encouraging President Morales to reconsider his current path for the good of Bolivia, its people, and its future relationship with the United States." Two key members of Congress have called for an end to a Bolivian trade agreement over the Goldberg matter.

Latin American leaders, on the other hand, focused on the central issue at hand – the violence aimed at Morales supporters and the threat to Bolivian democracy. On Monday the Presidents of Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Ecuador and Venezuela (and likely Peru and Uruguay as well) will join Morales at an emergency summit in Chile to offer him their strong backing. Even staunch Bush ally, Colombian President Uribe, has rallied to Morales' side.

The meeting was called by Argentina's President, Cristina Fernandez. A Buenos Aires daily quoted her linking the attacks against Morales with one of the bloodiest memories in the region's recent history.

"If we don’t act now, in thirty years we may be watching documentaries [about Bolivia] like those we see today about Salvador Allende [the democratically-elected President of Chile ousted by Pinochet in 1973].



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bolivia at the abyss....thats just what the US and its allies in the bolivian right want. They want to make Bolivia ungovernable. Ironically, this is a method used by the bolivian left in the past.

Bolivias govt needs to take action against the rogues somehow were able to get and run around with military weapons!


11:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just how many people supported the far right white bolivians..THis is important because we are being misled by the scale of events to believe Bolivia is divided...NOT SO:

Here is an analysis of the recent elections:

It concludes:


The press is quick to describe Bolivia as "a country divided". This is obviously far from the case. In fact, President Evo Morales enjoys popular support in six of the nine departments that make up his country. Two out of every three Bolivians voted for him to continue as their President. And as for the autonomy rebel movement, once you leave the city of Santa Cruz (not the larger department that actually voted for Morales), those who oppose Morales are few and far between.

Last Sunday's vote was called "exemplary" by the overseeing international neutral observers, and very few if any serious incidents were reported. It was undoubtedly an overwhelming victory for President Morales. However it also showed that the much talked about autonomy movement is not a nationwide curse, but in fact centred very much on one single city. Ruben Costas is now being shown as the Emperor With No Clothes (though perhaps we can leave him his underpants).

Once these figures are looked at closely, it becomes difficult to understand the ostensible claim of Santa Cruz and its push for autonomy. It cannot claim the backing of the wider department, because without the regional capital Evo Morales won the popular vote. By demanding some sort of breakaway from the country of Bolivia, a single city would be trying to usurp a geographical area many times larger than itself. The city of Santa Cruz has, of course, the right to vote the way it prefers. But if it pushed for the autonomy it demands, it would have to leave behind the greater region and become a sort of Bolivian Vatican City!

This is, of course, ridiculous. We should therefore see the call for autonomy for what it is; a single city's complaint against its national government, something that is common worldwide and not any reason to continue ignoring national laws. The time has come to recognize Santa Cruz for what it is, namely a city bent on anti-democratic behaviour and not the centre of some oppressed nation that deserves the world's attention.'


12:11 AM  
Anonymous Cindy P said...

Why no comment on the recent meeting between Iran and Bolivia?

12:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evo is what we call terco (stubborn) there is no way he'll compromise.
There is absolutely no hope for dialogue. This will not end well

Hey Jim or anyone else, who's really the top guy of the opposition? I thought it was Costas, but lately it seems thar Marinkovic is the guy behind the throne. Am I off on my assessment?

Either way it's a damn shame all around. Any news on whether the oppositions request to be at the meeting tomorrow was accepted? Media was reporting that they sent a letter to UNASUR

12:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Evo is what we call terco (stubborn) there is no way he'll compromise.
There is absolutely no hope for dialogue. This will not end well '

Anonymous, ever hear of Democracy? Even after the recent elections, the 'opposition' still is dissatisfied, and wants to destabilise the country in the hope of ousting Morales. What they want is power, not just a little but a lot.

Why has Morales and his govt to 'compromise'? What does this mean? You mean share power? Of just ensure that Morales and his govt dont work for the good of the native people?

1:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"At least twenty-five people are dead as the result of political violence. It is unclear if the nation will be able to steer clear of open civil war."

I do not agree with the Democracy Center's above assertion of a possible civil war in Bolivia. It is clear from the facts that the recent massacre in Pando was carried by criminal elements hired by Leopoldo Fernandez.

The so called "insurrections" in the medialuna are nothing more than criminal acts perpetrated by hired goons.


1:12 AM  
Anonymous Diego said...

It is incredible how you guys distort information.


Do you know that the Prefectura in La Paz denounced days before the "referendum revocatorio" that there were 212,256 cases of people that could vote irregularly in the referendum?

Carlos Valverde (one of the most watched and respected journalists in Bolivia) took a small sample of the voting records in Santa Cruz and after he analyzed them he found that several people borned in 1700's had voted in the last referendum.

How about the scandal a month before the referendum in which the Bolivian national ID office was found to have issued thousands of cloned ID's with the help of Venezuela?

Do you really think that after the massive fraud that the MAS orchestrated "two out of every three Bolivians voted for him to continue as their President"????

Santa Cruz has never "demanded some sort of breakaway from the country of Bolivia." Autonomy is a a just and rightful demand that dates back decades. - BTW I am from La Paz.

Let me give you an example: how would you feel if your local education, health, security authorities are appointed directly by a central government in which you/town/city/state has absolutely no participation in the decision?

I bet you would not like it.

Autonomy is not only the demand of Santa Cruz, are you forgetting that Beni, Pando, Tarija and Chuquisaca are also for it? Do you know that in La Paz, Cochabamba and even Potosi there is a growing sentiment for autonomy?

I am sick and tired of people with a Romantic view Morales, distorting the facts.

Please open your eyes. Evo Morales has not propelled change "in a democratic way, without guns; by the vote, the dialogue and consensus," as Bolivia Rising claims in one of their posts.

Morales has disregarded the rule of law in Bolivia, obliterated institutionality and divided our country with his caustic rethoric.

How can we talk about the democracy when the constitutional project of the MAS was approved "en grande" in a Military base in Sucre?

Do democratic governments send hordes of partisan cronies to block the opposition from entering the Bolivian Senate while fundamental laws are being unilaterally approved by the ruling party? (Juancito Pinto, Renta Diginidad, Ley de Tierras... three sieges and counting)

When the constitutional project of the MAS was approved in detail in Oruro, the articles where not read aloud, the president of the Constituent Assembly would simply read the number of the article but not its contents and then ask for a show of hands to approve it. Can this shameful spectacle be considered voting? Is slashing by almost 90 percent of the funds the "prefecturas" receive from the IDH a token of good will to build a national consensus?

When the city of Sucre - not a group, or a sector as the government comically characterized the entire city - took the streets in protest to what had been transpiring in the constituent assembly about their demand for "capitalia," two university students where shot by arms of a caliber only used by elite forces of the army and the police.

What about Yacuiba? Do you know that army commando that was part of the presidential palace detail was caught after he bombed a TV station on a SUV rented by the Venezuelan embassy?

And what about Cobija recently? I don't condone violence in any way.
I am quite saddened for what happened in Cobija.

But do you know that last Monday, journalist Carlos Valverde denounced that a congressman for the MAS (Miguel Becerra) and Juan Ramon de la Quintana were giving out checks, recruiting and arming people in Riberalta?

Morales and his ministers have not had any problems in sending its jackals do the dirty work...GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT ABOUT THIS GOVERNMENT!!!!

2:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Diego, 2:16am: Very good questions that few want to consider.

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 2:16
You claim Balverde is a respected jounalist?
Pure crap, he and his family are tugs who stole land from the poor natives and now slave them in their fields.
Moreover he is member of the Nazi party just like his father who organized the Falange Facist Party in Bolivia.
So now on the press and TV that he owns can keep his propaganda.
You right wing asesins are used to lie and lie so much that is a shame.
The apartheid in Bolivia is real. The medival way of dominance has been interrupted by Evo so the mercenaries hired by Costas, Fernandez, Marinkovic and supported by Golberg are professional right wind squads killing poor peasants who hoped to have a better life and at last civil rights since human rights have long been dennied to them by the white wanabees.

8:24 AM  
Blogger BOLIVIA LIBRE said...

Ahhhh the fascist neo indigenous gringos and their ano henchmen are trying to have a party around here; some short comments about your distorted idea of the true in Bolivia.

Radio Erbol is a maSSist run institution, it is the radio version of TV channel 7; own and operate by Morale’s regime. You failed to mention that only radio Erbol and Channel 7 are allowed in Pando today, all other free press have being denied their right to inform the country and were forcefully and against their will being sent back to La Paz. So your collection of testimonies has one side only, yours and the one of the fascist mercenaries of Evo Morales.

Thank you for the rest of the report, it clearly shows how the maSSist regime was plotting against democracy and human rights to build their view of country trough violence, for many years.

The Americans didn’t ignore racist attacks; they took very seriously the racist attacks against them spilled by Evo, his cronies, and Chavez. Maybe according to you, racism can only be expelled by clear colored people, I wander how clear people need to be to you to be able to be considered a racist by their words?

Salvador Allende was ousted by the military; Evo is being challenged by CIVILIANS, another difference you don’t seem capable of perceive. I guess the comments written by Diego sound like Chinese to you.

To all people calling the democratic fighter of the eastern region fascist, I must remind you the the fascist are: Socialists, nationalistic and totalitarian; uppssss; are not those the MAS characteristics?

8:41 AM  
Anonymous Wolf said...

I am glad Diego said what needed to be said!!

In Europe we have the same tendency of viewing Evo Morales as the "Noble Savage". He is being generally regarded as an idealistic leader of a poor Third World nation who courageously defies the "Empire".

Why don't you give your readers a critical appreciation of Morales' new entente cordiale with Holocaust denier Ahmadinejad?

I missed a word about Vice President Garcia Linera in your analysis. Garcia Linera is to me, and many others, the Robespierre of the Bolivian 'revolution' - certainly an interesting and revealing character, and definitely worth a comment, to say the least.

Quintana - is this most Machiavellian key politician a staunch advocate of democracy in your opinion? Why did you not mention him?

You dwell on Goldberg's lack of diplomatic skills, and say nothing about Chavez??

Do you seriously believe that the Bolivians will tolerate an invasion by Venezuelan troops? Have you not heard or read what General Trigo said?

Maybe you underestimate the sense of dignity and national pride of the average Bolivian.

Nobody in this country believes that Chavez would "die" for Bolivia which is what this Caribbean despot recently declared in one of his daily TV shows.

What is your agenda, Jim?

Best regards,


8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's easy to tell that Jim was trembling with anger while rambling about Goldberg's "ineptness" and the Media Luna's "racism." One finishes his article with a "Huh?"

His article flunks the laughing test right after reading his brief description of the "Cochabamba Water Revolt" and "landmark election" of the "first indigenous president." Uh...Jim, thanks to Morales and his minions, he helped kick out TWO democratically elected presidents. Remember that itty-bitty detail?

Oh, yeah, and what about Morales' "proposed" constitution? It was "proposed" to the people akin to the manner a rapist "proposes" to his victim his intentions. That's a main reason for the mess Morales created.

Racism is a two way street, Jimbo. As blacks can be as racists as whites, indios and/or cholos can be (and are) as racist as the Bolivian whites. Stop demonizing one side (Media Luna and the US) while sanctifying the other (Morales and Chavez). Give out the facts from BOTH sides.

Morales' dead during his government are about to surpass Sanchez de Lozada's. He's in route to earn the "big G," so to speak.



The Croats are Morales' Jews
Beni is Morales' Katrina

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Wolf said...

So much for Chavez:

I like "anonymous'" rapist analogy. He is absolutely right: The way the constitution project has been put forward, and Morales'unwillingness to discuss the issue in a civilized manner are the main reasons for Bolivia being "at the abyss".

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Julio said...

I agree with those who point out the shameless manner in which Jim Schulz distorts the facts.

Another distortion:

UNASUR is not meeting to offer support to Evo Morales. But to discuss which should be the alternative solutions for dialog to continue in Bolivia, before the war communists brought to this otherwise peaceful country, becomes the only path forward.

DC = BOB (payed bullshit that is)

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Jim for your human honest jounalism.
Right wingers like bolivialithe bre types or the katrinajews are ignorant so ignorant or abnormal humans.
Nazis, fascists from Croatia, former nazi asesins who migrated to Santa Cruz and mixed among themselves and camba whores and produced types like Costas have runing the country for the past decades. Banzer, had Klaus Barbie as his chief of intelligence and they murdered anyone who disagreed with their abuses and corruption.
Now that a honest deomcratic government is in, they refuse to obey because they do not want to release their ill conceeived fortunes and millions of land stolen from the real bolivian people.
Bolivia will be free once Evo starts listens to the social movements and stop thinking he is gandhi.
Justice, and Jail for the the prefectos asesins like Costas, Fernandez, and civics like Marinkovic.
I hope Evo gets some vitamins from Chavez to get rid of the right wing mafia once and for all. Humanity does not need asesins of poor people. GO home fascists.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Citing Erbol is no different than citing Unitel. They're both far from objective. I would be very surprised if indeed the dead campesinos were "unarmed" and they were simply going over to meet to simply talk things among themselves. On the other hand, I would not be surprised if the Fernandez did hire his own paramilitary force. The whole thing smells to me like two rabid dogs that were given a little too much leash by their owners.

I would not expect Jim to objectively state the facts in the water revolt as he has a large stake on how this is percieved in the world, but the results are undisputable: Cochabambinos are worse off.

Regarding the war on drugs, the only and the only innocent victims are the vast mayority of Bolivians that do not want to earn their living of coca/cocaine/marihuana. Cocaleros are simply drug dealers, Coca from el Chapare has only one and only one possible use and that is to make cocaine. I'm always surprised at how DC a Jim never mention the fact that Yungas coca is the only one fit for human consumption, that most bolivians only need about a pound of coca a year to cover most of their needs. (we can exclude miners, but then we have a moral dilema since the acullico simply makes them numb against the pain of the socavon.) Do not try to imply that the mules, pisacocas, pasta-base manufactures and other in jail are ALL innocent victims. I've seen this a lot, people want to make a quick buck and do not care what are the consequences of sending a kilo of coke to Brazil, they just simply want the money. The fact that they are poor, brown and masistas, does not justify their actions and does not make them angels.

Now the comedy of errors at the Embassy should not fire conspiracy concerns, but should give comfort to Bolivians at how desperate the US is trying to find some traction. Long gone are the days that you would have Crazy Eddy's used TV store or Gringo Jim's pub as cover and clandestine headquarter's for covert operations. I think the fact that they are asking peace corps volunteers for gossip regarding venezuelans just shows how patethetic the post-cold war operations of the CIA are. Back in the 70s they had 5-star generals with clearance rather than college interns with hear say as their source. On the other hand, I think Venezuela has a far better espionage infrastructure, whose only purpose is not to help the poor of Bolivia, but to support the megalomaniatic ambitions of his narcisist leader.

I'm a strong Evo supporter when it comes to creating social justice and what not. However, it is terribly dissappointing that instead of fighting corruption, plutocracy, and burocratic delays and technicalities in the judicial systems, instead he is focused on fanning the flames of class warfare. He and his acolytes are simply bogged down in a marxist world where the need of creating an armageddon between the proletariat and the capitalists is the objective sine qua non of the revolution. To this mix you add their gringo paranoia and you have the recipe for economic disaster.

The evidence put forth by Jim, Evo et al does not prove nothing. A sensible person would need some kind of special kool-aid and chicha to believe that there's something rotten in Av. Arce.

As far as the final quote, we can all conclude that Ms. Kirchner quote is an extremely ignorant person who's engaged in populism for the uninformed masses. She's comparing apples to oranges in so many levels that I'm going to go short the Merval even more.

If Evo wants to truly change Bolivia, he needs to leave his marxist way of viewing the world, fire his Montesinos (Quintana & Rada) and start acting like a real politik and that means using the US and other foreign powers for the benefit of Bolvia and not recklessly trying to start a war with everyone that does not think like him. I think his defining quote is where he said something along the lines of "whenever I meet a capitalist/neoliberal/yanquee I just want to aniquilate him, I want to drestroy him." He needs to understand that Bolivia and the world is a big enough place for most everyone to share and cohabitate peacefully.

10:27 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

The Argentinian President's comment has a frightening truth to it. I am praying for everyone involved.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like the Army went in to Pando not so much as to protect civilians as to sanatize a botched operation that MAS organized (recruiting and arming campesinsos from as far away as Guyaramerin and La Paz, to march on Cobija, to show not everyone in the East was for the opposition.)

La Asociación Nacional de la Prensa (ANP) condenó ayer la censura que el Ejército impuso contra los medios independientes que quisieron informar sobre lo que ocurre en Cobija. En un comunicado, la ANP “expresa su más enérgica protesta por la censura impuesta por el Ejército, en Cobija, a periodistas de medios independientes que se trasladaron hasta ese lugar para cubrir e investigar los sangrientos acontecimientos registrados en Pando en los últimos días”. La ANP señala que ese “atentado a la libertad de prensa y expresión” significa también transgredir la Constitución Política, que garantiza esos derechos. “Esta actitud hace suponer, razonablemente, que los militares pretenden ocultar de la prensa independiente alguna actividad que no quieren que sea divulgada”, señala el comunicado. Advierte, además, que esta forma de censura “es la primera que se registra en el país desde el restablecimiento de la democracia” y que fue cometida por una institución responsable de hacer cumplir la Constitución.

Piden el envío de una misión
Oficialistas y opositores exigieron ayer que una misión humanitaria se constituya lo más pronto posible en Cobija y el Gobierno aseguró que esto ocurrirá una vez que se pueda garantizar su seguridad en el lugar. “Hemos pedido que vengan periodistas de la prensa nacional e internacional y las misiones que sean necesarias para ver lo que ha pasado aquí, les daremos la cooperación que necesiten”, declaró el asambleísta del MAS Beimar Becerra. Hizo el mismo pedido el jefe de Podemos, Jorge Quiroga, tras advertir el riesgo de que el paso del tiempo permita al Gobierno consolidar una versión parcial de los hechos ocurridos en Pando. “Los bolivianos quieren saber la verdad. El ministro (Juan Ramón) Quintana está borrando las pruebas”, dijo al respecto el senador Roger Pinto (Podemos). El viceministro de Coordinación con los Movimientos Sociales, Sacha Llorenti, anunció que la misión partirá cuando haya seguridad. “Una vez que podamos garantizar su seguridad en ese lugar, esta misión va a salir, y va a salir lo más antes posible”, dijo.

The truth will come out though. Real Journalist from PAT etc will enter the area from Brazil. Remember 100 policemen were on the scene and watched the fight. The army is there to sanatize reports and why journalist are not being allowed into the area. There are tons and tons of wittnesses. There was an excelent radio report of the whole battle as it happened recorded on El Deber. One of the most amazing broadcast I have every heard. Why didn't Jim point readers to this? Why is he quoting Erbol only which is obviously partial to the government? Why is the government not letting reporters in?

The government was screaming massacre from almost before any information was out as a huge red hearing as they know they were about to get caught red handed fomenting armed violence just like their agent who blew up the TV station got caught red handed.

This operation was all planned well ahead of time by the government and why the U.S. Ambasador was kicked out out of the country, so they could have a scape goat for the violence they were planning. Everyone in Cobija knew tons of people were being shipped in to march on Cobija and why the autonomistas had planned a road block (not an ambush) for them. The violence started after an engineer from the Prefectura Pedro Oshiro was shot dead in his vehicle by the Massistas, along with another citizen from Porvenir. This was the tipping point. The Mas faction beat back the autonomistas and actually took the plaza of Porvenir for an hour. The Police tried to de arm the Mas faction but were beat back. That is when the true gun fight started as the game had changed and the natives of Porvenir got out their guns.

If Morales doesn't reign in Rada and Quintana who planned and carried out this operation the campesinos will end up rebelling against EVO. They didn't sign up for this. Many were duped into going being paid "100bs con almuerzo" to go to what they thought was a "congreso" but where given arms by the local MAS organizer. The whole plan of "conqistando el orienete, needs to be dropped by the government. Why not just live and let live and let the Easterners have modern self governing policital autonomy like the local people want? What is so bad about that?

The "acurerdo" looks promising but I don't believe it will happen unless the army has given behind the scenes signals to EVO that enough is enough.

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anonymous 9:50:
"Thank you Jim...thank you Jimm. ñañañañaña!!"

You are so stupid, you probably contribute with money to the DC. You can´t read, or understand what´s in the news all over the world.?

Bolivia is being overtaken by a totalitarian government imposed by Hugo Chavez from Venezuela. How does that help the poor, the homeless. Almost three years after EVO is in goverment, has anything changed for poor people in Bolivia??

Stupid stupid stupid one hundred times.

As for you Jim. Your lies and inventions are showing more and more. You are a shame to the U.S and a disgrace to journalism.

Boliviano de a pie

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Proponen la desaparición del Comité Cívico pro Santa Cruz y crear otra organización

Santa Cruz, 15 Sep (Erbol).- La “corriente de responsabilidad ciudadana” propuso este lunes el “desmantelamiento” definitivo del Comité Cívico pro Santa Cruz y su brazo “paramilitar” Unión Juvenil Cruceñista, con el fin de pacificar el país a través del establecimiento de un diálogo nacional, que encuentre soluciones a los problemas que atraviesa el país....

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone looking at the posts by the peanut gallery above will come to this realization:

This comments section is infested with Free Republic (FREEPERS, for those in the know) "conservative" activists.

Nothing but disinformation, sloganeering, and name calling. Very easy to recognize the spiteful mentality that hate-fest produces in its members.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 10:51

Very well said.

I'm often frustrated and amazed at all these news outlets including DC, who only portray one side. Most rational people who know anything about Bolivia know that Erbol might as well be coming from Evos office directly, while El Deber might as well be coming from Costas & Marinkovics compound.

We want an unbiased objective look and analysis at the events. I'm sorry Jim but your latest article is one of the most biased and poor one I have read.

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone have any idea what kind of immediate impacts this violence and resulting expulsion of ambassadors has had or will have on trade with the US? Any update on where the US trade bill stands? How many jobs are at stake here?

What is the on the Bolivian jobs market as a whole? We know that with the pipeline down, millions in national revenue is being lost daily. What about other smaller industries?


12:39 PM  
Anonymous Germán said...

Hey now 12:21,

First, if you dislike name calling then don´t call names!!! Comprende? Same rules for everybody. Is that fair for a communist freak? or need a little bit of meditation to land on the idea.??

Second: this blog should be closed alltogether because it is a source of misinformation from the person who writes it. In Bolivia this is called "falsificación ideológica" and it has a penalty of jail.

Third: Even if they were these Freepers you mention, they have in this case the truth closely attached to the facts. You are INVENTING things that are not true!

Finally: You should be making bags or buying a machine gun if you are in Bolivia. This is going to get ugly for all, I mean all "culitos blancos"

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a frequent reader of this Blog but not a commenter. But since many new readers will be seeing this post, I think it is useful to make a point.

As most readers here know the comments section is generally a ranting forum for the same half dozen people who seem mostly interested in seeing who can insult the other the most.

They are also obviously English speakers who spend lots of time on the Internet and mostly don't even live here in Bolivia, not exactly a representive view of opinion here. The August 10 vote is a better representation of that.

Fortunately the narrow-minded and usually right wing perspectives of these commentators are not something they try to hide. So we can thank them for that.

It's a shame this can't actually be a space for intelligent debate, but these people chased away anyone interested in that a long time ago, as readers know.

So now they will also probably insult me for stating the obvious.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You rednecks and white trash right wing newborn republicans:

Only your type of people can state that Democracy Center or Jim are a disgrace. Well perhaps he is a objective journalist, and you only want to read what the Deber, Razon, Diario, Unitel Bolivision, PAT and other sold media lie about.
Any decent bolivian knows that what happened in Pando is just a sample of what Pinochet, Banzer, and the extreme right military did in Latin America in the 70;s.
Just read the open files of the libraries due to the Freedom of Information and it is as clear as water.
So stop justifying your propaganda of accusing DEm Cen of being a wrong.
FACTS are what I read here, and only because of that I show solidarity with this page.
All the bolivian media and other sources are full of distorted events and lies.
Have you read the newspapers today? Not even menntioned the over 109 dissapeared and over 70 death and more wounded.
However, the fascists and nazis of Santa Cruz Beni and Pando are still bragging about their "macho" actions. To you people kill poor peasants or poor native people is like killing dogs or pigs.
I am so sorry that you belong to the human race. Despicable.
Vote for Palin and the Mcbush and you will see how the usa will continue in despair. Huge deficit, huge debt, banks collapsing, soldiers dying in Afganistan and Iraq, for nothing but lies of your leaders who are nothing but puppets of the Oil companies.
And you consider yourselves humans? No people you must have your brains full of violence and hatred to anyone who wants justice, democracy REAL democracy not the Florida type.
Thank you Jim and good luck, be careful with these ass holes. I never met anyone of your group, but you are the type of american who actually are the genuine ones. We love you in the world. Most people dispise the ones who write against your articles, and I personally do not like the bolivianlibre types. Just soldouts, malinches, and crooks.

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Beavis and Butthead said...

Did you hear that Beavis?


She called us white trash...


Yeah yeah.. White ... white trash


Right back at ya!.. Lesbian whore!


1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be nice if Jim could provide the source of the quote "...with one of them calling this moment the biggest threat to a democracy on the continent since the bloody coup that installed Augusto Pinochet in power there in 1973."

Either Jim misprinted that or the South American president who said that is as stupid as stupid gets.

"Biggest threat to a democracy since Pinochet?"

Um...what about the military regimes in Bolivia during the 70s and early 80s? The tortuous presidency of Siles Zuazo in the 80s, constantly being threatened by dynamite carrying COB bipeds? What about Morales and his minions seriously damaging Bolivia's economy since the 1980s, and having (I'm being generous here) caused the resignation of democratically elected presidents Sanchez de Lozada and Mesa?

Sure there have been plenty of threats to democracy since Pinochet, Jim. Once of the main threats is president now, who is currently about to surpass Sanchez de Lozada and earn the big "G."



The Croats are Morales' Jews
Beni is Morales' Katrina

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks as always for the news.

2:13 PM  
Blogger Locojhon said...

@Diego (and the other like-minded respondents)
You claim to be "sick and tired of people...distorting the facts", and so am I.
First, you suggest that the recent referendum was fixed and therefore inaccurate and favoring Morales, in spite of the abundance of international observers on site, who testify it wasn't so. The factual results should speak for themselves here:
Please note that 85% of all of the provinces voted favorably for Morales. Dispute these facts if you can--I'll wait.
Secondly in your rant, you ask "Is slashing by almost 90 percent of the funds the "prefecturas" receive from the IDH a token of good will to build a national consensus?"
Obviously not, but here are the facts you seem unwilling to acknowledge (read 'em and weep) :
The above FACTS (Remember those pesky things? Do you actually know any?) totally demolishes two of your arguments, and therefore puts into serious dispute the rest of them in a "fool me once, shame on you" (you know the rest of the saying better than GWB, I'm sure) manner.
Given that you are obviously not stupid, I can only wonder why you claim as factual, statements so easily proven false? Are you in denial of the facts, or do you have an ulterior agenda (perhaps as an anti-Morales US-paid propagandist)??? If there is another reason, please tell us.
One can usually see when articles hit home by the responses generated, and in this case, given the rabid responses Jim's article has generated, you and the other like-minded respondents have been obviously gut-punched, and can only respond with lies.
Keep up the good work, Jim. I don't always agree with you, but it is apparent that this article hit home to a lot of people who for unknown reasons seem to want Bolivia to return to the days of neo-liberalism, when the elite were given all the wealth and land, and all that the indigenous people got was enduring hard work, virtual enslavement for little reward, and everlasting mierda.
Viva Bolivia for ALL Bolivians!

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's worth repeating, again:

"Anyone looking at the posts by the peanut gallery above will come to this realization:

This comments section is infested with Free Republic (FREEPERS, for those in the know) "conservative" activists.

Nothing but disinformation, sloganeering, and name calling. Very easy to recognize the spiteful mentality that hate-fest produces in its members."

Do any of the 'steely eyed capitalist' right wing nutsos that frequent this blog have any clue as to what the region's history is? Or are some of you actually interested in the survival of the white species, and you can all damn well assume the obvious thing from that statement.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Julio said...

Hey John,

We are not denying the facts, you are!!

If you love the poor so much, why the insults to the poor of your own country (rednecks, white trash).

You can´t tell your head from you ass, little less know about the history in this part of the continent.

Remember, when Che Guevara was in Bolivia in the 60s he was sold out by the same campeches you try to make look like slaves. THAT is a fact. THAT is an unchallenged argument that shows that this war is an import by obscure and cynical people like Jim Shulz and the Democracy Center.

And please drop the Freeper crap already!!

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As usual, Jim has reported primarily one side of the story:
The “Referendum Revocatorio” of August 10th, had two questions, the first one on the President and VP has been addressed in full detail by Jim. The second was related to the “Prefects”, a quick review on Prefecto’s results will show that most of them are also big winners, and explains their position in the present crisis.

Comparison of 2005 and 2008 results:
Source: CNE
Percentage Percentage Percentage
2005 vote 2008 vote Difference
La Paz J.L. Paredes 38.0% 35.5% -2.5%
Cochabamba M. Reyes 47.6% 35.2% -12.4%
Oruro L. Aguilar 41.0% 50.9% 9.9%
Potosi M. Virreira 40.7% 79.1% 38.4%
Tarija M. Cossio 45.6% 58.1% 12.4%
Sta. Cruz R. Costas 47.9% 66.4% 18.6%
Beni E. Suarez 44.6% 64.3% 19.6%
Pando L. Fernandez 48.0% 56.2% 8.2%

Bolivia E. Morales 53.7% 67.4% 13.7%

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This just in, from Newsweek:

Revolt of the Rich

Relations between Bolivia's President, Evo Morales, and the country's wealthy easterners were tense from the start. Since Morales's election in 2005, the eastern provinces, known as the "Media Luna," or half moon, which have grown rich on natural gas, have fought bitterly over a new constitution that would redistribute some of that wealth to the western provinces. The opposition has recently waged disruptive strikes. Protests began to take a more violent turn after Morales trounced the opposition in last month's recall election. This week at least eight Bolivians were killed in clashes. Opposition groups blew up part of a natural gas pipeline and vandalized government offices, causing millions of dollars worth of damage. They have also succeeded in disrupting trade with Brazil and Argentina, which rely on Bolivia's natural gas.

Relations between Bolivia and the United States have quickly deteriorated as well. Bolivia expelled U.S. ambassador Philip Goldberg for "conspiring against democracy" and in response the Bush administration sent the Bolivian ambassador in Washington packing. In a show of support, Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's president and staunch Evo ally, ejected the American envoy from Caracas. On Friday, Morales sent troops into the eastern provinces to restore order. To find out where it's all headed, Newsweek's Michael Miller talked with economist and Bolivia expert Mark Weisbrot, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, D.C. Excerpts:

**Newsweek: How serious is the fallout between the United States and Bolivia?
Weisbrot: I think it's serious. I think that this thing was coming for a long time. There had been a number of incidents. There was the incident with the Peace Corps and the Fulbright scholar [asked to spy by the U.S. Embassy]. And then there are the meetings between the ambassador and the opposition. Obviously he's the ambassador: he should meet with everybody. But the way he did and the timing of it was considered unfriendly. I think you have a bigger structural problem, which is that you have USAID funding groups in Bolivia but they won't disclose who they are. They are doing this now in Venezuela too. These are polarized countries. So on that basis both of these governments [Bolivia and Venezuela] just assume that Washington is doing what it has always done, which is to fund the people that they are sympathetic to.

How much influence do eastern Bolivia's large estate owners have? What kind of pressure do opposition groups exert in Bolivia?
Quite a bit. That's what this conflict is really about. You have the most concentrated land ownership in almost the entire world in Bolivia, with around two thirds of the land owned by six tenths of one percent―not even one percent―of the landowners. Obviously Evo Morales ran on a platform of land reform. He is not talking about confiscating huge amounts of land, but there is going to be some redistribution. There is the hydrocarbon revenue, which goes disproportionately to the Media Luna states with the opposition governors. So those are the two big economic reasons for this conflict.

Which one, land or hydrocarbons, is really the central issue?
That is a tough question. The hydrocarbons are more immediate because [the government has] already begun some redistribution there. Morales has not touched the landowners. So I guess you could say that [hydrocarbons] are the bigger issue.

I was in Bolivia a couple months ago and I met with the Central Bank and the ministries. The government has $ 7 billion in reserves right now in the Central Bank, which is an awful lot [considering] their whole GDP is only $13.2 billion. Most of it is owned by the prefectures, the provinces, so they have a lot of money. So it is hard to explain why they would raise such a fuss over the government wanting to take a small part of that and use it for some pensions
for people over 60, which also goes to their own residents.

How does this tie into the recent recall election in Bolivia? Wasn't that election meant to resolve this impasse between the Morales government and the opposition provinces?
It did show some things. First of all, Morales got 67 percent of the vote, which is as big as you get in politics in the world without fixing the election. And the other thing it showed is if you look at the Media Luna provinces, while it's true that the opposition won, the vote for Morales also went up enormously as compared to what he got in 2005. So his support, his mandate, really increased quite a bit since the 2005 election. What you are seeing right now is that the people who could not win anything at the ballot box are trying to use other means. They are cutting off the gas, which is very serious.

What are the financial consequences of opposition groups disrupting Bolivia's natural gas pipeline?
It's huge. It's more of a problem for Brazil than it is for Bolivia: they get half their gas from Bolivia and more than half in the industrial region of Sao Paolo. For Bolivia it is quite a lot of money. It is a $100 million estimated just to fix [the gas pipeline] and $8 million per day of revenue lost as well. But it is even worse than that because the opposition can really sabotage the whole economy. Everything that the government is doing in terms of the next five years as far as extending gas supply to Brazil and Argentina, if Bolivia can't be a reliable gas supplier then those countries are going to have to look elsewhere. So it is a form of serious sabotage. The [Morales government] is calling it "terrorism."

Will Morales's mandate enable him to act more forcefully toward the breakaway provinces or is he going to have to wait for the constitutional referendum in December?
I think he is going to have to do something. The government has been very pacifist and I think they don't get enough credit for that. Most governments in the world would have sent in the military in force and a lot of people would have been killed. He has been extremely restrained. He has tried to avoid violence at all costs and the opposition has been emboldened by that. They just keep escalating. Now they are taking it to a different stage and I don't know how much more the government can just try to ignore it. They really depend on these gas exports, as do Brazil and Argentina. Brazil issued a statement the other day that said they will not tolerate an interruption in the constitutional order in Bolivia. Whether that means they will send troops, I don't know.

Does this have a financial impact on the United States? Or is the decision to expel the Bolivian ambassador simply a quid pro quo response? Is there real money at stake for the United States?
I don't think there is really anything at stake for the United States. If [by antagonizing Morales] they push Chavez too far, there is always the chance that he could cut off oil. But it is unlikely.

What type of fallout will there from Morales' use of troops in the eastern provinces?
It depends on what the [government forces do] and on their capacity for crowd control and using non-lethal weapons. Look at what happened prior to Morales: they are still trying to extradite the former president [Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada] for all the people who were killed in the demonstrations back then. Morales has been on the other side of this and he knows that things can get out of control. So he is trying to do everything to avoid that but it's not easy when you have an opposition that is not operating by the same rules.

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is quite obvious that all the know-it-alls that have invaded this blog are ignorant of history. This is a common feature of U.S. 'conservative activists.' Socialism is a GOOD THING if your country is WEAK and VULNERABLE to CAPITALIST PREDATORS.

Let this political process take its course. The Neoliberal model has failed everywhere, including Chile, and Latin America requires something other than University of Chicago bullshit to get out of its morass.

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... how do you plan on finance a socialist state in a poor country?

I'm not sure what you mean by neoliberlism. Croony capitalism has and will fail everywhere. On the other hand, free market reforms are a success in S. Korea, Singapore, China, Ireland, Taiwan, Vietnam etc., etc.

On a separate topic. The gov't appears to be Leopoldo Fernandez's best friend. They are already saying he's guilty and thus giving him a get-out-of-jail card by making it obvious he won't get a fair trail. I for one would love to see the old drag-bbq-your-intestines-in-front-of-you-make-you-eat-them-before-we-quarter-you on him, but unfortunately its not on any CPE. However, the Bolivian Justice Dept. should watch their words regarding this case. Right now, they are practically the best allies Fernandez could hope for.

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the practiced smartass @5:25:

Q. What is the only country that has succeeded with open markets, without a large amount of protectionist policies?

A. England, while going about colonizing 1/2 the world, and forcibly opening markets.

Learn more history.

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To so many above:

1939: "Peace in our time."

1973: "What people in the Santiago stadium, you are obviously wrong."

2008: "Thise campesinos in Pando all shot themselves, bad aim I guess."

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

El Gobierno restringe el ingreso de la prensa y misiones a Pando

Imprime esta nota
Recomienda esta nota
Opiniones sobre esta Nota

Con el argumento de que aún no existen las condiciones necesarias de seguridad, el Gobierno impidió hasta ayer el arribo a Cobija de una misión de ayuda humanitaria y de los medios de comunicación, excepto el oficialista canal 7 y radio Erbol.
“Porque es una zona militar y en esa zona todavía siguen habiendo bandas armadas de narcotraficantes y de la gente de la Prefectura”, justificó anoche el vicepresidente Álvaro García Linera cuando fue consultado sobre esta restricción, que para la oposición oculta la intención de que la opinión pública no conozca versiones imparciales sobre lo que ocurre en esa región.
El sábado, el Gobierno se había comprometido a trasladar hasta Pando a una misión humanitaria conformada por la Cruz Roja Boliviana, la Unión Europea, la Asamblea Permanente de Derechos Humanos, la Conferencia Episcopal y el Defensor del Pueblo, pero finalmente dejó a los miembros de estas instituciones con las maletas preparadas para el viaje, que nunca se realizó.
El presidente de la Cruz Roja,  Abel Peña y Lillo, explicó ayer a La Razón que las gestiones fueron realizadas con el viceministro de Coordinación con los Movimientos Sociales, Sacha Llorenti. “Nos dijeron que nos llamarían para el viaje y esperamos hasta las 11.00 de la noche, pero no se contactaron con ninguno (de los representantes de los organismos) y entonces decidimos abortar. Yo llamé personalmente al teléfono que me dio el viceministro y nunca contestó”.
Dijo que incluso habían preparado 850 kilos de insumos médicos y sanitarios para socorrer a las víctimas de la violencia en Pando. “El asunto es que no tuvimos la cooperación suficiente o no hubo cumplimiento de acuerdos en el Gobierno”, lamentó el representante de la Cruz Roja.
No obstante, dijo que las autoridades del Gobierno se contactaron con los miembros de la misión ayer para ofrecerles su traslado en el mismo día, lo que no se pudo concretar debido a problemas operativos. “Seguramente viajaremos este lunes”.
Al igual que con la misión humanitaria, el Gobierno negó a los periodistas una autorización para llegar a Cobija. El sábado, un grupo de medios organizó un vuelo chárter a Cobija y cuando todo estaba listo para el viaje, el Gobierno ofreció trasladarlos conjuntamente una tropa militar.
Los periodistas de La Razón, ATB, PAT y uno independiente aceptaron la invitación y llegaron a Cobija al final de la tarde, pero los militares les impidieron abandonar el aeropuerto arguyendo motivos de seguridad.
Con el argumento de que se había declarado alerta roja y que los militares no podían garantizar la seguridad de nadie, un oficial les ordenó abandonar la ciudad y los condujo hasta una aeronave que los trajo de regreso a La Paz. Sin embargo, se quedaron en esa ciudad los periodistas del gubernamental canal 7 y de la radio Erbol, discriminación sobre la que el Gobierno y las FFAA no dieron explicaciones.
Este domingo, ante la negativa del Gobierno para autorizar el arribo de un vuelo chárter al aeropuerto de Cobija, una decena de periodistas de diferentes medios privados de comunicación partió rumbo a Brasil para ingresar desde ese territorio a Cobija.
Las restricciones que aplicó el Gobierno fueron interpretadas por la oposición como parte de una estrategia para direccionar la información que se conoce sobre los incidentes en Pando. “El Gobierno, con todo su aparato, está limpiando las pruebas”, dijo el señador Roger Pinto (Podemos).

La ANP condena la censura
La Asociación Nacional de la Prensa (ANP) condenó ayer la censura que el Ejército impuso contra los medios independientes que quisieron informar sobre lo que ocurre en Cobija. En un comunicado, la ANP “expresa su más enérgica protesta por la censura impuesta por el Ejército, en Cobija, a periodistas de medios independientes que se trasladaron hasta ese lugar para cubrir e investigar los sangrientos acontecimientos registrados en Pando en los últimos días”. La ANP señala que ese “atentado a la libertad de prensa y expresión” significa también transgredir la Constitución Política, que garantiza esos derechos. “Esta actitud hace suponer, razonablemente, que los militares pretenden ocultar de la prensa independiente alguna actividad que no quieren que sea divulgada”, señala el comunicado. Advierte, además, que esta forma de censura “es la primera que se registra en el país desde el restablecimiento de la democracia” y que fue cometida por una institución responsable de hacer cumplir la Constitución.

Piden el envío de una misión
Oficialistas y opositores exigieron ayer que una misión humanitaria se constituya lo más pronto posible en Cobija y el Gobierno aseguró que esto ocurrirá una vez que se pueda garantizar su seguridad en el lugar. “Hemos pedido que vengan periodistas de la prensa nacional e internacional y las misiones que sean necesarias para ver lo que ha pasado aquí, les daremos la cooperación que necesiten”, declaró el asambleísta del MAS Beimar Becerra. Hizo el mismo pedido el jefe de Podemos, Jorge Quiroga, tras advertir el riesgo de que el paso del tiempo permita al Gobierno consolidar una versión parcial de los hechos ocurridos en Pando. “Los bolivianos quieren saber la verdad. El ministro (Juan Ramón) Quintana está borrando las pruebas”, dijo al respecto el senador Roger Pinto (Podemos). El viceministro de Coordinación con los Movimientos Sociales, Sacha Llorenti, anunció que la misión partirá cuando haya seguridad. “Una vez que podamos garantizar su seguridad en ese lugar, esta misión va a salir, y va a salir lo más antes posible”, dijo.

La Razon Sept. 15, 2008

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHo about some real facts and not half truths Jim...

1. It was the military group commander's (not the attache)family friend (not member) who brought the 45 ammunition in for Col Jim Campbell (who is an avid competion shooter and invited many Bolivia Military leaders to the range at Sargento's Club).. AND she did claim it with customs (it was all leagal)...that is why charges were not made nor was she detained for long. What the hell does that have to do with the ambassador's ineptness?

2. All embassy employees are instructed to look out for cuban so-called doctors who are alsoactually carry out intellegence and subversion on behalf of the bolivian government so that it can keep track of the oppostion... NO one was ever asked to spy on them or even collect information... We are to report them only if unusual issues were seen.. that is all THAT IS NOT SPYING like the actions done every day against american and Bolivian citizens every day by Bolivian, venezuelan and cuban intel. It WAS a mistake by the Asst RSO to brief it to PC volunteers. So again, what the hell does that have to do with the ambassador's ineptness. That asst RSO was sent home by the ambassador before morales's regime asked for his expulsion

3. Jim you are correct only on one account. The ambassador was right down condesending about Morales's regime WITH CAUSE. He had every reason to be. Morales is as inept as a leader as any vSouth america leader could be, he has a bi-polar vice president with a terrorist back ground, Quintana is a foaming at the mouth marxist/conspiracy nut who was a derelict military officer, and Rada is a plain sociopath... all part of Morales's clown show of a ministerial cabinet.

All of the employees at the US embassy who have had to deal with such a sorry excuse for government agree. I have first hand seen collosal ineptitude, corruption, and down right lies spewed by the ministers to our faces.

Our ambassador did his best to put up with an administration hell bent on using the US as a scapegoat for their failure to govern equitably... a regime hell bent on power and that has to have an enemy to exist...

BTW all of AMB Goldberg's meetings were out in the open... AND his last one with Costas in Santa Cruz there was a press conference that went with it. Hiding I think not!

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The events in Por Venir are as horrible as anyone can imagine. What happened there is too important for there not to be a full OPEN OBJECTVE investigation that will require international investigators. It looks as if the Governemnet is not going to allow that. There is no one in Bolivia objective enough to do it.

Once an imparcial thorough investigation is done then judgement can be made, and then those responsible for the slaughter should be severly punished. If the government doesn't allow a full imparcial investigation it will throw a shadow of doubt over those found guilty. If the prefect ordered a Massacre he should be punished to the full extent of the law, if he didn't and it was a horrible confrontation that spun out of control then those that pulled the triggers not in self defense should be punished. There area at least 4 dead on the eastern side. Those who pulled the triggers on them should also be punished. The final consequences of this tragedy are yet to be known. All sides should reflect if their political agendas are worth more dead. Both sides should pull back away from the cliff that Bolivia is falling off of and foreign provecators should callarse.

For ballance and context on this blog the following article from La Razon should be read.

LEOPOLDO FERNÁNDEZ, prefecto del departamento de Pando, asegura que el Gobierno, el Ejército, la Policía y la Iglesia sabían días antes lo que iba a pasar.

• CON EL PULGAR ARRIBA: Leopoldo Fernández saluda a la gente en una calle de Cobija, en la jornada de ayer.

Contrariamente a las acusaciones que pesan en su contra y a las advertencias de detención, proceso judicial y condena de 30 años de cárcel sin derecho a indulto por genocidio, el prefecto de Pando, Leopoldo Fernández, sostiene que los enfrentamientos armados en la localidad de Porvenir, en los que murieron al menos 13 de las 15 víctimas en el departamento, estaban preparados por el Gobierno para provocar su caída.
Indica que no considera necesario un estado de sitio y apunta a que el Gobierno busca hallarlo culpable. Esta es la entrevista vía telefónica de La Razón con Fernández, quien ayer estaba en Cobija a la espera de su arresto por parte del Poder Ejecutivo.

¿Qué hará con el estado de sitio y la presencia militar, lo resistirá con movilizaciones?
No hay ningún tipo de resistencia a esta disposición desatinada, arbitraria e innecesaria que toma el Gobierno. El argumento es por los sucesos del jueves en Porvenir, acá en Pando, y para llevar la investigación.
No hay la necesidad de ni un solo militar, las condiciones estaban dadas. Hemos conversado con la representación de las Naciones Unidas y con el Defensor del Pueblo (para que vengan); ya tendrían que haber llegado, pero el Gobierno no ha autorizado la posibilidad de aterrizar al avión de ellos acá en Cobija. Seguro porque les interesa una investigación que me inculpe, como ya lo han dicho, creo que hay un mandamiento de arresto para mí y tienen que hacerlo bajo su control, que no participe nadie.
Quieren mandar una comisión del Congreso, bienvenida. Si tiene que haber una investigación, lo importante sería que sea con gente que la garantice.

¿El diálogo puede avanzar en medio del estado de sitio?
Es muy difícil, de todas maneras se están haciendo muchos esfuerzos de nuestra parte. He pedido que no sea un obstáculo y además el Conalde ha dado señales con el levantamiento de algunas medidas que existían como los bloqueos. Lamentablemente el Gobierno lo ve eso como una debilidad y debiera hacerlo más bien como un enfoque de que hay predisposición para hallar soluciones mediante el diálogo. Todo esto es una farsa del Gobierno, ya lo ha demostrado en otras oportunidades, el pueblo boliviano está siendo timado. A nosotros (a los prefectos) se nos ha tomado el pelo muchas veces en este, entre comillas, escenario de diálogo, que es propiciado por el Gobierno. Sin embargo, aunque las expectativas para el diálogo son pocas y parezca paradójico, hay que tener esperanzas

¿Quién controla Pando, usted o los militares?
Yo sigo siendo el Prefecto. Se ha estado especulando de que yo ya no estuviera acá, que hubiera fugado, nada de eso es verdad, es un embuste más del Gobierno. Ellos controlan militarmente, pero nada más que eso, nosotros tenemos la aceptación del pueblo, hemos sido elegidos, y si hubiera sido verdad de la responsabilidad en este tipo de matanza, oiga, qué clase de gente hay en el departamento de Pando para que no sea el propio pueblo el que repudie este genocidio, como lo califica el Ejecutivo. Por mi parte, al contrario, yo creo que aquí hay una repulsión por todo lo que ha sido la planificación por parte del Gobierno para que se dé esto, para que se pueda dictar el estado de sitio y para hacer de Pando la cabecera de playa que necesitan para seguir consolidando su proyecto en todo el país.

¿Se cumple el estado de sitio?
No, en absoluto. Hay tranquilidad, no había un solo militar por las calles. Están en el aeropuerto que lo han tomado. Hoy (ayer) hubo una marcha por la paz, aparecieron algunos militares, pero se llevó la marcha.

¿Siguen tomadas algunas instituciones estatales?
No, porque nosotros habíamos tomado la decisión, hace tres días, de clausurar aquello que no se maneja bajo ese régimen centralista, y en nuestra consolidación de nuestro proceso autonómico estamos llevando adelante en cada uno de los casos un proceso de institucionalización con directores ad hoc, encargados de llevar adelante este proceso dentro de las vías legales. Por lo tanto, eso de ver a las instituciones públicas como si fueran un fortín, quién estaría adentro y quién afuera no es lo principal, sino cómo va a ser su funcionamiento y también quién la va a administrar.

¿Teme ser detenido?
Por supuesto, siempre uno está preocupado. No sé cómo se puede hablar de un proceso de investigación y ya hay una operación militar para mi detención. Yo puedo darle esa garantía al país de que voy a estar aquí en Pando y podía decirle al Gobierno que no gaste tanta plata, que no haga tanto show que esta farsa no tiene sentido, que no voy a escaparme, que voy a esperar a las comisiones.

¿Participaron empleados de su Prefectura en Porvenir?
No, el Gobierno anda hablando de sicarios, funcionarios, que peruanos, que brasileños, que francotiradores... eso es lo que tiene miedo el Gobierno, de que con un proceso de investigación se aclare todo aquello. Si fuera verdad todo lo que señala el Gobierno, cómo podría el pueblo pandino estar tolerando que yo todavía siga siendo su autoridad.
Ojalá toda esa dureza que utilizan conmigo, respecto a lo que serían las sanciones a mi persona por culpable —ya me culpan y sindican sin previa investigación—, puedan aplicar a las personas que resultaren responsables de un buen proceso de investigación. El Gobierno no va a tener cómo explicar esto tarde o temprano.

¿Qué es lo que sucedió en la población de Porvenir?
Con tres o cuatro días de anticipación ya lo sabía el Gobierno, el Ejército, la Policía, la Iglesia Católica. Ya lo tenían preparado todo, votos resolutivos, renuncia del Prefecto, toma de la Prefectura, desde qué punto iban a salir, cómo iban a llegar a Cobija... hemos pedido que estas instituciones intervengan para que esto no ocurra. Cuando se quemó las dos camionetas de los campesinos que llama el Gobierno y que venían en una marcha pacífica entre comillas, esas camionetas reventaron como un polvorín, tenían un arsenal adentro. Durante varios minutos se dieron disparos, alguna gente caída de ese bando tenía cintillos de colores diferenciados, seguro para distinguirse ante la eventualidad de una refriega como se dio, esto es una demostración más de que había planificación. Tengo tranquilidad y la participación de sicarios y funcionarios de la Prefectura es una más de las mentiras, los embustes a los que nos tiene acostumbrado este Gobierno y con su capacidad de información que tienen que estereotipa la realidad.

¿A raíz de ese polvorín se dieron los muertes?
No. Eso fue al final cuando termina la refriega, en una avenida de Porvenir y con la Policía al medio Eso de emboscada no hubo. La Policía con 50 efectivos estuvo durante la balacera, ellos pueden decir cómo comenzó la cosa. Por eso no se permite que venga nadie a ver este tema, para eso es este estado de sitio, para crear las condiciones de llevar una supuesta investigación para tener una documentación fraudulenta, pero aquí en Pando todos saben qué es lo que ha pasado realmente.

La Razon Sept. 15, 2008

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Adriana said...

Ok, listen you 21st century quack rebels.

Why is China moving faster toward a market economy. Why????? If socialism is such a great idea?

And why is Cuba still using their 50´s cars left by the people who used to be the oligarcas in the island more than 50 years ago!!! For heaven´s sake, people....Wake up already!! Cubans live a life full of MISSERY. They have to work from the moment they turn 11 years old, cutting sugar cane or collecting oranges in exchange for what is supposed to be a free education, a gift from Fidel Castro.

A medical doctor in the island makes little more than 30 dollars a month!!

Please, don´t dare repeating that socialism is good for a weak country. That is the biggest lie, and if you can´t see it then it´s because you are either brain damaged or payed up with the intent to send Bolivia and bolivians to their worst nightmare.

10:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim, you are leaving out one important detail: Marxism. People in the east don't want to watch as everything they own and have worked for gets confiscated by those who for whatever reason produce nothing. Would you like it if I came in and took your Democracy Center and all its computers and office space just because I could? And then told you you were an exploiter and couldn't get a new one because you were the enemy of the people? That's what is going on in Bolivia today. Until Morales can learn to govern without stealing from others, or at least stealing so much, there will be people out there willing to pick up a rifle and fight him, especially when there are foreign troops around defending his brand of sos Marxism first perfected in the soviet union. Those sorosite-trained venezuelan opposition people did come down and try to reason with the media luna people and tell them to do what gandhi did, but in light of the lotta good that's done them in venezuela, which is to say none, the crucenos see no point to that hippie soros stuff. Nor do I.

Why don't you tell your little buddy Morales to quit stealing from others, quit chasing out foreign investment, quit chasing out all the local talent and get back to me about the result. You would be shocked. But then again, you would no longer be the richest guy in your barrio anymore, so I doubt you could take it.

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Elian said...



10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ANON 10:12pm

You going to here crap about the evil US embargo but Fidel and Che ruined the economy from the get go... the Soviet Union subisdized Cuba with more money than any other gov in history...
But don't forget that Cuba is stil suffering under one of the most brutal totalitarian governments in the world...
No passports to travel., How many cuban tourists do you see anywhere?..
btw the Cuban doctors in Bolivia have thier passports taken away when they get here and are issued a bolivan carnet.

No internet, no tv or radio but gov channels, and no cell phones becuase the overbearing communist regime wants to keep the people from the truth.

Over 40 cuban doctors a year have been granted assylum by western governemnts since getting to Bolivia

10:34 PM  
Blogger Locojhon said...

Hey Julio,,,
You claim that “We are not denying the facts, you are!!”
My reply is if that is so, then factually dispute the facts I presented, instead of posting such weak and scurrilous attempts at insults.
You claim that I made “insults to the poor of your own country (rednecks, white trash)”, and I never made such statements. Prove me wrong, Julio.
And then explain to all viewers just who it is really that can’t tell one’s ass from their head?

You tell me to “please drop the Freeper crap already!!”, and again I made no such statement.

The real topper, as far as your self-ridiculing statements are concerned is your last one, where you claim “that this war is an import by obscure and cynical people like Jim Shulz and the Democracy Center,” and hilariously try to blame this war on Jim and the DC. What a HOOT! (Believe me—even your mentor Karl Rove would be embarrassed by you.)

Friendly suggestion: Try a reading comprehension course before further posting, please. Or stay out of the booze. Or better yet,,,both.
You’re just embarrassing yourself (not to mention humanity in general).
With deservedly lesser regards,,,John

10:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim you are correct only on one account. The ambassador was right down condesending about Morales's regime WITH CAUSE. He had every reason to be.
Morales is as inept as a leader as any South america leader can be, he has a bi-polar vice president with a terrorist back ground, Quintana is a foaming at the mouth marxist/conspiracy nut who was a derelict military officer, and Rada is a plain sociopath... all part of Morales's clown show of a ministerial cabinet.

All of the employees at the US embassy who have had to deal with such a sorry excuse for government agree. I have first hand seen collosal ineptitude, corruption, and down right lies spewed by the ministers to our faces.

Our ambassador did his best to put up with an administration hell bent on using the US as a scapegoat for their failure to govern equitably... a regime hell bent on power and that has to have an enemy to exist...

BTW all of AMB Goldberg's meetings were out in the open... AND his last one with Costas in Santa Cruz there was a press conference that went with it. Hiding I think not!

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evo's defining statement...

....."I've learned that, above what is legal, there is politics. Given that, when my advisors tell me 'Evo, what you are doing is illegal', I just go ahead and do it and tell them: 'if it isn't legal, make it legal. That's why you studied..." ... Evo Morales


10:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lots of Morales haters on this site. SO lets take a look at the Bolivian Opposition (the rich white boys):

Racist Rhetoric in Bolivia


In a careless slip of the tongue in August, 2006 Virginia Senator George Allen shot himself in the foot and ended his political career. During a campaign rally Allen pointed to a man of Indian descent and remarked “This fellow here, over here with the yellow shirt, macaca, or whatever his name is. He’s with my opponent. He’s following us around everywhere. And it's just great.”

Allen’s supporters began to laugh.

“Let's give a welcome to macaca, here,” the Senator added. “Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia.”

The word macaca is an ethnic slur meaning either a monkey that inhabits the Eastern Hemisphere or a town in South Africa. In some European cultures, macaca is also considered a racial slur against African immigrants.

Allen’s infamous outburst was captured on video and circulated widely on the internet after the footage was posted on YouTube. The Senator’s campaign manager dismissed the issue with an expletive and insisted the Senator had “nothing to apologize for.” But once the story started to circulate, Allen sought to salvage his career by claiming that the word had no derogatory meaning for him. He then said he was sorry.

The issue however did not go away. S.R. Sidarth, the man who Allen had slurred, remarked that he suspected the Virginia politician singled him out because he was the only nonwhite face amongst about 100 Republican supporters. “I think he was doing it because he could, and I was the only person of color there, and it was useful for him in inciting his audience,” Sidarth remarked. “I was annoyed he would use my race in a political context.”

Allen’s stunning gaffe contributed to his defeat in the 2006 election when the veteran politician lost against long-shot Democrat Jim Webb. Some Republican strategists believe that Allen might have been a contender for the 2008 Republican presidential ticket if he had not made his macaca gaffe.

Racist Rhetoric in Bolivia

Such ethnic slurs have no place in modern politics and yet the United States continues to openly support backward and racist figures in South America who hurl such insults with wanton abandon.

Take for example the case of Rubén Costas, an opposition figure in Bolivia. Speaking to his followers last month, Costas called indigenous socialist President Evo Morales a “macaca.” Costas has also insulted Morales as an “animal” and a “monkey.”

Fair skinned and European looking, Costas hardly resembles Bolivia’s indigenous president Morales. Elected Prefect of the energy-rich, western department of Santa Cruz in 2005, Costas has become a key advocate for greater regional autonomy and a thorn in the side of the La Paz government.

Costas, like many of his white and mestizo racist followers, regard the Indians in the highlands with contempt. The Santa Cruz politician would like to retain control over the lucrative gas industry and deprive the cash-strapped government in La Paz of much needed revenue.

Following Costas’ election, the right opposition escalated its pressure on the Morales government, organizing protests in the city of Sucre against the President’s proposed Constitution which would have given the country’s indigenous majority a greater say in political decision making. An advocate for powerful business interests, Costas was also one of the right wing politicians who called for a referendum on autonomy for Santa Cruz. When 85% of the residents of Santa Cruz voted for autonomy, Morales called the vote illegal and nonbinding.

A demagogic populist who likes to stir ethnic hatreds, Costas continued to up the ante last month. As a result of Morales’ victory in an August 10 recall referendum, the Santa Cruz politician called the President “murderous” and demanded that Morales cease his “bullying.”

Speaking in a plaza full of his supporters, Costas said Bolivia should say “no to the big foreign monkeys.” It was an obvious racial barb aimed at Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, a key Morales ally [physically, Chávez has indigenous-African features].

When asked by the Brazilian magazine Terra whether he would retract his statements about Chávez, Costas remarked “I don’t regret it at all.” The Santa Cruz politician said that “monkey” was based on the concept of gorilismo, “a term which is very common in Latin America to refer to soldiers. We can’t forget that Hugo Chávez is a military coup plotter who has turned himself into a neo-populist.”

Our Man in Bolivia

Even as he was escalating the racist rhetoric, Costas sought importantly allies. On August 25th, he met with U.S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg. Though the diplomat claimed that he had met Costas in public while on a routine trip to Santa Cruz, the meeting provoked suspicion amongst Bolivians that the United States was supporting the lowland opposition movement. A portion of U.S. aid to Bolivia is directed towards eastern provincial governments that are the nexus of opposition to Morales.

The La Paz government, desperately fighting to keep the country together, expelled Goldberg and accused him of conspiring with the conservative opposition. Having made a blunder and seriously imperiled U.S.-Bolivian relations, the State Department made things worse by retaliating and expelling the Bolivian ambassador to Washington. Coming to the aid of a friend, Chávez ordered the expulsion of the U.S. ambassador in Caracas. Predictably, the State Department again seriously erred, this time by expelling the Venezuelan ambassador.

The diplomatic tit-for-tat brings political tensions to new heights. Last week, anti-Morales sentiment reached a crescendo when protesters burned government offices in Santa Cruz. Anti-government activists also took over several natural gas installations in the east. Morales, who called the protests a “civil coup,” ordered additional troops to the eastern provinces to secure gas and oil installations. The protesters have been fighting Morales supporters with clubs, machetes and guns. In all, more than 30 people have died in the fighting.


10:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry but being white does not make you right(even tho you are on the right.
The figures i posted are accurate. What they show is a minority of whites in Bolivia are the trouble makers, who since they cant gaion power democratically are spitting the dummy in the hope of removing Morales and his govt by violence.

'Carlos Valverde' respected? Thats like saying the RCTV of Venezuela is 'respected' whom? Since he is based in Santa Cruz, that means he is most likely a member of the opposition...and so not unbiased.


10:56 PM  
Anonymous Jose Arcadio BuenDia said...

All those who are so worried about "communism" or "marxism" should RTFC (read the fucking constitution).

the proposed CPE says nothing about confiscation, except for RURAL large landholdings which exceed 10,000 hectares and do not serve a productive purpose.

Garcia Linera himself said, back in 2005, that the MAS proposal is a mixed economy, "Andean capitalism".

Then again, as I have stated before, the main problem is alienation between the great majority of Bolivians and the minority which lost political power in 2005. Neither side is pure evil or pure good, but neither has the capacity to acknowledge the other one. And in a democracy, shouldn't the majority ultimately decide?

The government is seeking a mixed economy...

Sort of like USA, where you have capitalism, and then socialism for the rich and the corporations when they need it (see the recent bailouts of mortgage lenders and banks, when 40 million Usamerican still don't have health care)... except our model would help the poor first.

Agree with the posters concerned about TROLLS infesting this site. The sad thing is, I can't distinguish between the TROLLS and the earnest Bolivians who just believe the crap they see on TV or read in the biased newspapers.

Let me renew the call for Mr. Schultz to adopt the system used by registered users identified by their real name can comment freely, anonymous comments are moderated.

11:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, here we go....

12/08/08 [EX: GWB] /WH0987/015/BO
My fellow americans. Last night at 2:am EST, 12,000 U.S. troops stationed in a strategic region of the Republic of Paraguay in South America were mobilized toward the southeastern borders of Bolivia, with the aim to stop the massacre perpetrated for the last four weeks by an evil and inhumane regime commanded by the army of venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.
At this very moment the city of La Paz is under heavy attack from Venezuelan warfare posted in the city of Trinidad. Meanwhile our troops are taking control of the eastern cities of Tarija, Santa Cruz, Sucre and Cochabamba. Evo Morales, Bolivia´s rising dictator has asked the U.S. army to wait before moving to the cities of La Paz and Oruro, until Sunday at eighteen hundred hours, that is after the game between Bolivar and San José (a classic match)is over and done.
He´s also send the following message to american indigents who love life and the environment:

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does this mean I have to trade in my Bolivia national futbol team jersey for a Zimbabwe national futbol team jersey.

but...but...we just tied the Brazukas in Rio =(

11:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The quality of the English in the comments here is so overwhelmingly convincing. Good work trolls. Evo Morales is Jesus and you are fascist scum.

12:13 AM  
Blogger Locojhon said...

@Adrianna et al,,,
You ask ”Why is China moving faster toward a market economy. Why????? If socialism is such a great idea?” Allow me to provide a possible answer for you: that the Chinese leadership knew that by doing so (temporarily) they could beat the USA/world capitalists at their own game, due to their obvious and significant labor cost advantages. And they are—in spades. And the result? Now the USA has virtually no industries other than defense and the prison industrial complex, and owes the Chinese more money than is owed by any other nation in the world. Today, the Chinese now have the power to pull the plug on the USA economy at any time they choose, and they naturally use it to their advantage, standing by innocently without firing a shot, while the US economy self-implodes.
You then ask “why is Cuba still using their 50´s cars left by the people who used to be the oligarcas in the island more than 50 years ago!!!” Please do yourself a favor and look up the definitions of the words sanctions, embargoes, boycotts, and gun-boat diplomacy and then try to imagine how they might affect the economy of a nation if applied by one’s closest neighbor and largest trading partner with the economic influence and military power to pressure other nations to do the same. Then take a look at what Cuba has accomplished in the face of and despite such overwhelming pressures. You then might find a clue, though I seriously have to doubt it.
The USA is deathly afraid of any country succeeding in socialism, which is why they have attacked and overthrown (or at least attempted to) any nation exhibiting any signs of socialism, and have organized others to do the same, spending billions and killing millions in the process. It is the history of the USA in this hemisphere, and indeed during the last century the compelling history of the USA in relationship to most of the world.
Take your own advice, and after stopping the use of VOA disinformation for your opinion-forming thoughts, “Wake up already!!” You’ll be shocked by the real world out there. Really!
Amazed at your lack of real-world understanding,,,John

4:10 AM  
Blogger Locojhon said...

@Jose Arcadio BuenDia,,,
Congratulations on a great post.
The only fault I can find with it is that the USA does indeed have a socialist system for the poor.
It is called the prison-industrial system, where the highest number and highest percentage of any nations' population in the entire world is incarcerated, all publicly funded, of course. It provides a new definition for 'land of the free'.
Other than failing to point that out, your post is excellent!

4:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have reading this blog and bolivia rising for the last 6 months plus delving into the History of Bolivia. The reason well it's simple, Bolivia intriques me greatly. In many ways it's unique, beautiful in culture, history and splenderous scenery. (have watched many Youtube Video's and the ocassional trip around the country using Google Earth)

I would like to say the above Special Report and the comments posted are for the most part extremly well written. Many people I think have come out of the wood work to post ... and I hope they do so again.

Todd (Australia)

5:51 AM  
Blogger flexicurity said...

It's high time for Morales to arm the working class. There is little hope to defend the revolution by any other means. You sure cannot trust the army. History has shown that it usually turns against the people, and the revolution itself.

6:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evo is only trying to bring change to the mayority of the poor people of Bolivia.
Naturall the right wing nazis mostly financed by the mafia of Costa, Goni, Marinkovic, and descendants of arabs, germans, yugoeslavians, and other species, have hired mercenaries to stop CHANGE.
They want to keep the plantations, slavery, and abuse of the bolivian scarce resources.
These extreme right nazis have paid zero for the land, moreover Banzer gave them millions of dollars free, gifts while poor people suffers.
Any body disagrees? It is a fact, mafia of fascists.

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think "Shithead Gringo" qualifies as a racist comment; don't you?

Both sides are guilty.

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Democracy Center my ass ... this gringo is certainly paid by Hugo Chavez to write this non-sense.

7:41 AM  
Blogger Sayubu said...

Using ERBOL as a "reliable source" is like using Fox News in the democratic race for the White House.

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just can't wait for Jim to explode in rightous indignation and write a letter to the WashPost denouncing its very accurate editorial titled "Bolivia on the Brink."


Morales is in route to earn the big "G."



The Croats are Morales' Jews
Beni is Morales' Katrina

8:16 AM  
Anonymous A. Rivero said...

We have to remember that many of the people who were killed in Pando are peasants and supporters of president Evo Morales.

I just can not believe so much hate expressed in some commentaries.

¡Viva Bolivia unida!

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:25 AM  
Anonymous Alberto said...

Exactly 10:25.

We also have to remember that these peasants were paid people from La Paz who were organized by a person with intelligence training in coups and revolts: Ministro De La Quintana (a person accused by Morales supporters of being a racist and an inmoral).

Morales is only the bite. This war is imported by his ministros who have been bought by Hugo Chavez to make a mess and then take over the country. Is that so hard to see when it is already right in front of your fucking nose????


11:54 AM  
Anonymous Michael said...

pachamama, te veo tan triste

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evo = Pendejo
Costas = Pendejo
Linares = Pendejo
Marinkovic = Pendejo

En otras palabras, todos son una manga de pelotudos manipuladores.

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those who complaint that this is not in the Bard's language I say two things: There's more under heaven and earth that is dreamt in your philosophy and if can't bother to learn spanish while talking about Bolivia your should STFU!

I Don't agree with all points, but with several:


Parte I: Modelo de Estado

Planteamiento 1:

 Art. 1 Bolivia se constituye en un Estado Unitario Social de Derecho Plurinacional Comunitario…
Bolivia se funda en la pluralidad y el pluralismo político, económico, jurídico…

 Se elimina el Estado Social y Democrático de Derecho.
 No existe la República de Bolivia.
 Se habla de “fundar” Bolivia, pretendiendo ignorar nuestra fundación original y la vida republicana que el País tuvo hasta hoy.
 Lo de “comunitario” es un sinónimo de “comunismo”. Ambos evocan la “propiedad común”, lo cual sería el primer paso para terminar con la propiedad individual para dar lugar a la creación de un país comunista.

Planteamiento 2:
 Art. 2 Dada la existencia pre-colonial de las naciones y los pueblos indígena originario campesino y su dominio ancestral sobre sus territorios, se garantiza su libre determinación en el marco del Estado …

 Discriminación racial. Se pretende dar preferencias a un pueblo (indígenas) sobre la base de su raza, haciendo referencia a que esta raza tiene derechos otorgados por la historia (dominio ancestral). Es un apartheid a la boliviana, en contra de los habitantes de raza blanca, mestizos, afrobolivianos, y cualquiera que no sea indígena.
 Ignora la historia republicana de Bolivia, al fundamentarse sobre dominios ancestrales y pre-coloniales.
 No existe igualdad ante la Ley. Discrimina a los ciudadanos que no pertenecen a pueblos indígenas.
 Busca el dominio y colonización territorial de las tierras bajas, ya que esto necesariamente abrirá la discusión referente a cuáles son los mencionados territorios, y es de esperarse que el MAS plantee que toda Bolivia es parte de los territorios ancestrales.
 Divide al país al dar potestad de autodeterminación en el marco del Estado y no así de la sociedad.

Planteamiento 3:
 Art. 3 El pueblo boliviano está conformado por la totalidad de las bolivianas y los bolivianos pertenecientes a las áreas urbanas de diferentes clases sociales, a las naciones y indígena originario campesinos y a las comunidades interculturales y afrobolivianas

 Es clasista, categorizando constitucionalmente (e innecesariamente) en clases sociales al boliviano, cuando se debería buscar la igualdad sin discriminación de clases sociales.
 Diferencia a aquellos que viven en áreas urbanas.
 Se crean tres categorías de bolivianos, con lo que quedan abiertas las puertas para posterior legislación discriminatoria.

Planteamiento 4:
 Art. 4 El Estado respeta y garantiza la libertad de religión y de creencias espirituales, de acuerdo con sus cosmovisiones. El Estado es independiente de la religión.

 Se establece la independencia del Estado con la religión. El concepto no es nuevo, lo preocupante es el uso que le podrá dar el MAS. La iglesia hasta ahora ha cumplido un rol muy importante al pacificar el país y mediar en los conflictos. Es muy posible que sobre la base de este concepto, el MAS pretenda no atender más los intentos de mediación de la iglesia, con lo cual se dificultaría más aún cualquier conflicto que requiera la mediación de alguien imparcial.
 Se eliminaría la religión de la educación fiscal.
 Posible eliminación de feriados religiosos como ser Navidad, Semana Santa.

Planteamiento 5:
 Art. 5 Son idiomas oficiales el castellano y todos los idiomas de las naciones y pueblos indígenas originarios campesinos, que son el aymara, araona…El gobierno plurinacional y los gobiernos departamentales deben utilizar al menos dos idiomas oficiales. Uno de ellos debe ser el castellano y el otro se decidirá tomando en cuenta la conveniencia, las circunstancias, las necesidades y preferencias de la población en su totalidad o del territorio en cuestión

 Se tendrá una total confusión en el país, por la cantidad de idiomas, lenguas y dialectos nacionales que serán considerados oficiales. Hay países que establecen dos o tres idiomas como oficiales, pero no poner límite a la cantidad de idiomas ocasionará un caos. Se da pie a posibles situaciones en las que un pueblo indígena se niegue a utilizar otro idioma que no sea el propio (al ser oficial), y esto podrá ocasionar un aislamiento de este pueblo con relación a los demás pueblos. Podemos terminar con una versión masista de la “Torre de Babel”.
 No utiliza el idioma como elemento central de unidad, a pesar de la larga historia republicana de nuestro País.
 Los pobladores de las áreas urbanas serán forzados a aprender algún idioma indígena, lo cual es una forma de imponer la cultura indígena sobre la población blanca y mestiza, lo cual se contradice con el concepto de permitir que cada pueblo viva libremente en la cultura donde nació.

Planteamiento 6:
 Art. 6 I. Sucre es la Capital de Bolivia
II. Los símbolos del Estado son la bandera tricolor, rojo amarillo y verde, el himno boliviano, el escudo de armas, la wiphala, la escarapela, la flor de kantuta y la flor de patujú.

 Tema de capitalidad plena escamoteado. No se considera el pedido del pueblo de Chuquisaca, de recuperar la capitalidad arrebatada en su momento por la fuerza.
 Crea un dualismo estatal en lo simbólico (Tricolor Vs. Wiphala), con lo cual provocará más división entre los bolivianos, ya que diferentes segmentos de la población se identificarán con uno de los símbolos, posiblemente viendo en el otro pueblo y otro símbolo, a un oponente.
 Los símbolos patrios deben ser íconos de unidad nacional y no así factores de discordia y conflicto.

Principales características y consecuencias del modelo de estado que quiere imponer el MAS:
 Es un modelo que acaba con la Democracia Liberal.
 Tiene un enfoque exclusivamente racial y excluyente.
 Descuartiza al país en 36 naciones a través de la entrega de territorio, población y gobierno-poder (que son los 3 elementos del Estado).
 Pretende conquistar territorialmente el oriente boliviano.
 Consolida la destrucción de todo lo que nuestros padres y abuelos construyeron en nuestra tierra.

Parte II: Traición a la Patria

Planteamiento 7:
 Art. 28 El ejercicio de los derechos políticos se suspende en los siguientes casos: 1. Por tomar armas y prestar servicio en fuerzas armadas enemigas en tiempos de guerra 2. Por defraudación de recursos públicos 3. Por traición a la Patria
 Art. 125 I. Comete delito de traición a la patria la boliviana o el boliviano que incurra en los siguientes hechos: 1. Que tome armas contra su país… 2. Que realice actos para la enajenación de los recursos naturales de propiedad social del pueblo boliviano a favor de empresas, personas o estados extranjeros. 3. Que promuevan acciones para la desintegración territorial o atenten contra la unidad del País. II. Este delito se sancionará con la máxima sanción penal.
 Art. 112 Los delitos de genocidio, de lesa humanidad, de traición a la patria, de crímenes de guerra y los delitos contra el medio ambiente son imprescriptibles.
 Art. 113 Los delitos cometidos por servidores públicos que atenten contra el patrimonio del Estado y causen grave daño económico, son imprescriptibles y no admiten régimen de inmunidad.

 Existirán presos políticos a quienes se dará la máxima sentencia (30 años), bajo el pretexto de Traición a la Patria, ya que cualquier acción política contraria al régimen podrá ser interpretada como que busca la “desintegración territorial o atenta contra la unidad del País” (ese discurso el MAS ya lo maneja el día de hoy contra las regiones opositoras).
 Se suspenderán los derechos políticos (elegir, ser elegido, fiscalizar y organizarse con fines de participación) por cometer traición a la patria. Se busca eliminar a toda la oposición política, de forma similar como se hizo en los países comunistas, y hasta el día de hoy se hace en Cuba.
 Franca direccionalidad: COMITÉ CÍVICO Y OPOSITORES POLÍTICOS (desintegración territorial y enajenación de recursos naturales).

Parte III: Educación

Planteamiento 8:
 Art. 77 II. El Estado y la Sociedad tienen tuición plena sobre el sistema educativo. III. El sistema educativo está compuesto por las instituciones educativas fiscales, instituciones educativas privadas y de convenio
 Art. 78 La educación es unitaria, publica, universal, democrática, participativa, comunitaria, descolonizadora y de calidad

 ¿Estado y Sociedad tienen “tuición plena” sobre la educación de nuestros hijos? ¿Y la tuición que deben tener los padres?
 ¿Qué alcance tiene la “tuición plena”? (no está definida)
 Configuración del sistema educativo: Los conceptos de “Educación Participativa”, “Comunitaria”, “Descolonizadora”, no están definidos y son muy subjetivos, así que podrán ser utilizados para la coerción de toda forma de educación que no responda al proyecto de poder masista.

Planteamiento 9:
 Art. 83 Se reconoce y garantiza la participación social o comunitaria en el sistema educativo, mediante organismos representativos en todos los niveles del Estado y en las naciones y pueblos indígena originario campesinos. Su composición y atribuciones estarán establecidos por ley
 “Participación social o comunitaria”, significa la intervención de los movimientos sociales controlados por el MAS en la educación. Si alguien (institución educativa, gobierno departamental o simplemente un individuo) se niega a someterse al proyecto de educación impulsado por el MAS, la intervención de los movimientos sociales para someter a esta institución será “constitucional”!!!
 Consolidación del proyecto racial a través de la interdicción en la educación
 La interdicción por parte de los movimientos sociales masistas estará garantizada mediante ley!!!

Planteamiento 10:
 Art. 87 Se reconoce y respeta el funcionamiento de unidades de convenio… que deberán funcionar bajo la tuición de las autoridades públicas, y se regirán por las mismas normas, políticas, planes y programas del sistema educativo
 Art. 88 I. Se reconoce y respeta el funcionamiento de unidades educativas privadas en todos los niveles y modalidades, éstas se regirán por las políticas, planes, programas y autoridades del sistema educativo. II. Se respeta el derecho de las madres a elegir la educación que convenga para sus hijos e hijas

 Se busca el total control y tuición de las unidades de convenio por parte del gobierno (y de los movimientos sociales masistas, por lo aclarado anteriormente).
 De forma parecida, se busca el control total de las unidades educativas privadas por parte de las “autoridades del sistema educativo”. Recordemos que, según el Art. 83, los “movimientos sociales” pueden fácilmente ser categorizados como autoridades del sistema educativo. Resultado: La institución privada que no se someta al proyecto masista, será “constitucionalmente” y “legalmente” intervenida por los movimientos sociales, con la consecuente violencia, saqueos, etc.
 Solo las madres podrán elegir la educación para sus hijos. Es otro sistema más de segregación. Esta vez la segregación se basa en diferencias de género. De esta forma, se quita a la población masculina, todo derecho de oponerse al proyecto de educación a ser impuesto por el MAS.

Planteamiento 11:
 Art. 93 Las universidades públicas establecerán mecanismos de rendición de cuentas y transparencia en el uso de sus recursos, a través de la presentación de estados financieros a la Asamblea Plurinacional Legislativa, a la Contraloría General y al Órgano Ejecutivo

 Destrucción de la Autonomía Universitaria. Se la sujeta al control de tres instancias, una de las cuales será controlada por los movimientos sociales masistas (Asamblea Plurinacional Legislativa).
 Se busca una total politización del quehacer universitario.

Planteamiento 12:
Art. 94 Las universidades privadas se regirán por las políticas, planes, programas y autoridades del sistema educativo. Su funcionamiento será autorizado mediante decreto supremo, previa verificación de las condiciones y requisitos establecidos por la ley.

 Intervención directa en la educación superior privada
 Verificación de condiciones que por supuesto estarán dentro del contexto revolucionario, liberador y descolonizador.
 Interdicción en la educación pública y privada.
 Intervención de los “movimientos sociales” en la educación.
 Consolidación del proyecto racial en el sistema educativo nacional.
 Se acaba la Autonomía Universitaria.

Parte IV: Modelo Económico

Planteamiento 13:
 Art. 310, párrafo 1 Administrar a nombre del pueblo boliviano los derechos propietarios de los recursos naturales y ejercer el control estratégico de las cadenas productivas y los procesos de industrialización de dichos recursos
 Art. 316, párrafo 3 Participar en la economía y mediante la producción directa de bienes y servicios económicos y sociales

 El resurgimiento del Estado empresario, que ya ha demostrado en numerosas oportunidades y en todos los países del mundo, incluyendo el nuestro, su gran ineficiencia e incompetencia para conseguir el desarrollo de la economía. El mayor ejemplo de fracaso del Estado Empresario es la ex -Unión Soviética, que se desmoronó a causa de los inmensos problemas económicos y sociales que trajo consigo el modelo comunista, a pesar de que la URSS tenía todas las condiciones para ser una gran potencia económica (el territorio más extenso entre todos los países del mundo, una gran base científica, los mayores recursos naturales de cualquier país del planeta, etc.)
 Formación de grandes empresas estatales que supuestamente promoverían la competitividad, el crecimiento y el empleo dentro del país, a pesar de que históricamente eso nunca fue logrado mediante empresas estatales.
 Estas grandes empresas estatales terminan siendo enormes cargas fiscales financiadas con los impuestos de los contribuyentes.
 Se fomentará el crecimiento de la corrupción estatal. El día de hoy ya se sabe de muchos masistas que se convirtieron en millonarios (Santos Ramírez acaba de comprar una casa por más de un millón de dólares en La Florida, al frente del Club Tenis La Paz, una de las más caras zonas residenciales en La Paz).

Algunos datos históricos sobre las pérdidas que dieron las empresas estatales en Bolivia:

Superávit Empresas Estatales

Empresas 1992 1993 1994 1995
 YPFB (42) (49) (38.3) 8.8
 ENTEL 9 (12.7) 1.8 6.6
 ENDE (29.4) 4.1 15.8 (16.3)
 ENFE (4.1) (10.4) (3.3) (7.6)
 LAB (11.8) (31.8) (10.8) (6.2)

TOTAL (78.3) (99.8) (34.8) (14.7)

Planteamiento 14:
 Art. 315 Se prohíbe el monopolio y el oligopolio privado..
 Art. 316 inc. 7 Determinar el monopolio estatal de las actividades productivas y comerciales que se consideren imprescindibles en caso de necesidad pública

 NO al monopolio privado pero SI al monopolio estatal, a pesar de que ambos son igualmente perniciosos para una economía, con la particularidad de que los monopolios estatales sirven además para alcanzar objetivos políticos.
 Todo monopolio público malgasta recursos y es ineficiente en la producción en términos de cantidad y calidad.
 Se tendrá una total discrecionalidad política al interpretar el término de “necesidad pública”.

Planteamiento 15:
 Art. 316 inc. 2 Conducir y regular, conforme con los principios establecidos en esta Constitución, los procesos de producción, distribución, comercialización y consumo de bienes y servicios, y ejercer la dirección y control de los sectores estratégicos de la economía.

 Retorno a la planificación central de la economía
 ¿Cuáles son los sectores estratégicos de la economía? ¿Bajo qué criterios son considerados como tales?
 La planificación central ha fracasado en la historia mundial en todos los países en donde se la ha puesto en práctica, incluida Bolivia.
 Utilización de la economía para fines políticos.
 Al establecerse la planificación central como un principio constitucional, en el futuro al País le será sumamente difícil cambiar de rumbo, aún y cuando finalmente nos demos cuenta que la planificación central nos esté llevando al descalabro económico. Para cambiar de rumbo necesitaríamos nuevamente otra reforma constitucional, pero esa posibilidad tendrá serios obstáculos debido al total control político del País que tendrá el MAS. Por lo tanto, deberemos llegar a un estado de empobrecimiento realmente insoportable, para que nuevamente tengamos un “clima político” que nos permita corregir este tremendo error constitucional.
 Inevitablemente, tendremos un gran empobrecimiento de la población.

Planteamiento 16:
 Art. 56 I. Toda persona tiene derecho a la propiedad privada individual o colectiva, siempre que ésta cumpla una función social. II. Se garantiza la propiedad privada siempre que el uso que se haga de ella no sea perjudicial al interés colectivo. III. Se garantiza el derecho a la sucesión hereditaria.

 Esta es la gran mentira. Por un lado, se dice que se garantiza la propiedad privada, pero inmediatamente se la condiciona a que cumpla una función social y que no perjudique el interés colectivo.
 Esto dará lugar a una gran discrecionalidad en la interpretación de lo que es función social e interés colectivo, ya que esos conceptos no están definidos en esta constitución masista. Por ejemplo: El MAS podría establecer fácilmente (mediante ley o decreto) que para que una vivienda cumpla una función social, en la misma deben vivir como mínimo una persona por cada 9 m2 de área habitable.
 Ese modelo de confiscación de la propiedad privada ya se puso en práctica inmediatamente después de la revolución bolchevique en Rusia, y dio lugar a que las casas particulares se conviertan en “comunitarias”. Según el área habitable, las viviendas eran sencillamente “tomadas” por el gobierno para poner a vivir en las mismas a más personas (militantes del partido, por supuesto). Cuando eso sucedía, la propiedad del inmueble, al no cumplir una función social, pasaba al estado.
 Por otro lado, cualquier empresa que sea acusada (discrecionalmente) de no pagar impuestos a tiempo (aún cuando esto sea falso), no producir lo que el pueblo demanda (aún cuando la empresa no tenga las condiciones para hacerlo), y cualquier otra acusación de “atentar contra el interés colectivo”, podría ser inmediatamente confiscada, sobre la base de esta constitución.
 El tema de la sucesión hereditaria no es otra cosa que una cortina de humo para esconder la verdadera intención, que, como vimos, es la confiscación de la propiedad privada.

Planteamiento 17:
 Art. 54 Inc. III Las trabajadoras y los trabajadores, en defensa de sus fuentes de trabajo y en resguardo del interés social, podrán, de acuerdo a ley, reactivar y reorganizar empresas en proceso de quiebra, concurso o liquidación, cerradas o abandonadas de forma injustificada, y conformarán empresas comunitarias o sociales. El Estado coadyuvará a la acción de las tras trabajadoras y trabajadores.

 Atenta contra la propiedad privada. Está ligado a lo que mencioné en el anterior párrafo, ya que inmediatamente después de que una empresa haya sido declarada “atentatoria al interés colectivo”, la misma podría ser tomada por los movimientos sociales masistas para “reactivarla y reorganizarla”.
 Es una gran tentación para los “movimientos sociales” o gremios infestados por el MAS, para promover quiebras.
 Esto provocará un total desinterés del sector financiero para otorgar créditos, y de los inversores en invertir, debido a la indefinición del derecho propietario. La indefinición del derecho propietario es un fenómeno que históricamente demostró ser un gran obstáculo para la inversión en los países subdesarrollados. En los últimos años, los países que han logrado éxitos económicos (especialmente China e India), son precisamente aquellos que han modificado sus políticas y han mejorado las garantías a la propiedad privada. Lamentablemente, el MAS parece decidido a caminar en la dirección opuesta a la que todos los países siguen para lograr desarrollo económico.
 De da pie a una total discrecionalidad política.

Planteamiento 18:
 Art. 393 El Estado reconoce, protege y garantiza la propiedad individual y comunitaria o colectiva de la tierra, en tanto cumpla una función social o una función económica social, según corresponda.
 Art. 394 inc. 2 La pequeña propiedad es indivisible, constituye patrimonio familiar inembargable, y no está sujeta al pago de impuestos a la propiedad agraria.
 Atr. 398 Opciones para el Referendo Dirimidor: En ningún caso la superficie máxima podrá exceder de cinco mil/diez mil hectáreas

 Total Inseguridad Jurídica en el sector productivo
 Subjetividad en la definición de “función social”, ya que la misma no está definida.
 Afectará el derecho de propiedad de la tierra.
 Restricción para la entrega de créditos productivos.
 Límites al tamaño de la propiedad (Ref. Dirimidor). Al limitar el tamaño de las propiedades, el País renunciaría definitivamente a los proyectos de gran envergadura, lo cual cerraría las puertas a proyectos con economías de escala, cadenas productivas hasta llegar a la industrialización, etc., excepto (seguramente) en el caso de que dichos proyectos sean estatales, lo cual nuevamente nos lleva al “Estado Productor”, el cual ha demostrado ser ineficiente en todos los países del mundo, incluida Bolivia.

Planteamiento 19:
 Art. 20 II. Es responsabilidad del Estado, en todos sus niveles de gobierno, la provisión de servicios básicos a través de entidades públicas, mixtas, cooperativas o comunitarias. En los casos de electricidad, gas domiciliario y telecomunicaciones se podrá prestar el servicio mediante contratos con la empresa privada. La Provisión de servicios debe responder a los criterios de universalidad, responsabilidad, accesibilidad, continuidad, calidad, eficiencia, eficacia, tarifas equitativas y cobertura necesaria; con participación y control social.

 La empresa privada estaría excluida de la prestación de servicios básicos.
 Las cooperativas pasarían a ser responsabilidad del estado. Es la antesala de la confiscación o intervención del estado en las mismas.
 Habría una interdicción de los “movimientos sociales” en el cooperativismo.
 Daría pie a la discrecionalidad política.
 El Estado se convertiría en intervencionista.

Planteamiento 20:
 Art. 20 III. El agua y alcantarillado constituyen derechos humanos y no son objeto de concesión ni privatización
 Art. 311 El Estado reconoce y protege las cooperativas como formas de trabajo solidario y de cooperación, sin fines de lucro.

Consecuencias para el Sistema Cooperativo:
 Desaparecerían las cooperativas de agua potable y alcantarillado.
 Todas las demás cooperativas estarán bajo la amenaza de ser acusadas en cualquier momento de “perseguir fines de lucro”, y con ello ser cerradas o confiscadas. Con ello, el MAS lograría un total control político de todas las cooperativas.

Principales consecuencias del Modelo Económico propuesto en la constitución del MAS:
 Se implantaría un Modelo Estatista de planificación central, el cual ya ha probado su ineficiencia en todos los países del mundo.
 Se incrementaría el déficit público.
 Se crearía gran inseguridad jurídica en contra de la propiedad privada, grande y pequeña.
 Serias contradicciones con respecto al sistema cooperativo, y muy posible confiscación de todas las cooperativas.
 Desaparecen las Cooperativas de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado.

Parte V: Sistema de Salud

Planteamiento 21:
 Art. 35 inc. II: El sistema de salud es único e incluye a la medicina tradicional de las naciones y pueblos indígena originario campesino.
 Art. 38 Los bienes y servicios públicos de salud son propiedad del Estado, y no podrán ser privatizados ni concesionados.

 Confiscaría todas las instituciones privadas de salud. Todos los hospitales privados pasarían a ser propiedad del Estado. Por lo tanto, es un atentado más contra la libre empresa.
 Al incluir la medicina tradicional en la definición de “Sistema de Salud”, se estaría intentando que todos los centros de salud incluyan la medicina tradicional en sus prácticas. Esto es atentatorio para los sectores urbanos de las población, los cuales no tienen ni la costumbre ni la cultura de utilizar la medicina tradicional de los pueblos indígenas. Es un intento más de imponer la cultura indígena sobre la cultura citadina mestiza.
 Es absolutamente innecesario definir a la medicina tradicional indígena como parte del sistema de salud mediante la constitución, si lo que se busca es permitir la libre práctica de dicha medicina tradicional. Hoy en día, sin tener esa “definición” constitucional, la medicina tradicional es practicada en las regiones donde es tradicional, sin ninguna limitación.

Parte VI: Justicia

Planteamiento 22:
 Art. 179 La potestad de impartir justicia emana del pueblo boliviano y se sustenta en los principios de pluralismo jurídico, interculturalidad…
 Art. 180 inc. II La jurisdicción ordinaria y la jurisdicción indígena originario campesina gozarán de igual jerarquía.

 Se constitucionaliza a que el pueblo boliviano haga justicia por su propia mano (justicia comunitaria).
 Se igualan los fueros. Una persona que haya delinquido en un área controlada por la “justicia ordinaria” podría esconderse en una jurisdicción indígena y con ello estar fuera del alcance de la justicia ordinaria. Con ello, se incentivará tremendamente la delincuencia en nuestro país.
 Posibles lesiones a los Derechos Humanos.

Parte VII: Autonomías

Planteamiento 23:
 Art. 273 El régimen autonómico implica la elección directa de sus autoridades por las ciudadanas y los ciudadanos, y las facultades legislativas, normativos -administrativas, fiscalizadoras, ejecutiva y técnica, ejercidas por las entidades autónomas en el ámbito de su jurisdicción y competencias exclusivas.

 Art. 272 Los alcances, la organización, el funcionamiento, la estructura, las competencias, las atribuciones, la asignación de los recursos económicos financieros y la coordinación del sistema de descentralización y de autonomías se regirán mediante esta Constitución y la Ley Marco de Autonomías y Descentralización, que será aprobada por dos tercios de votos de la Asamblea Legislativa Plurinacional

Consecuencias: Grandes estafas en relación a las Autonomías.
1er. Estafa:
Es la única ley que se aprueba por dos tercios en el parlamento masista (denominado Asamblea Plurinacional).

Planteamiento 24:
 Art. 146 La Asamblea Legislativa Plurinacional es la única con facultad de aprobar y sancionar leyes en el territorio boliviano.
 Art. 410 La aplicación de las normas jurídicas se regirán por la siguiente jerarquía: la Constitución, las leyes y los tratados internacionales, los decretos supremos, las normas departamentales, regionales y municipales, las normas de carácter administrativo.

2da. Estafa:
 Será imposible legislar en el ámbito (nivel) departamental.
 Desjerarquización de las “normas” departamentales, las cuales se someterían inclusive a los Decretos Supremos del gobierno.
 Se podría inclusive interpretar que las normas departamentales, regionales y municipales tienen la misma jerarquía.

Planteamiento 25:
 Art. 277 Las entidades territoriales autónomas no estarán subordinadas entre ellas y tendrán igual rango constitucional.
 Art. 270
I. Bolivia se organiza territorialmente en departamentos, provincias, municipios y territorios indígena originario campesinos.
II. La creación, modificación y delimitación de las unidades territoriales se hará por voluntad democrática de sus habitantes, y de acuerdo a las condiciones establecidas por la Constitución y la ley.
III. La regiones formarán parte de la organización territorial, en los términos y las condiciones que determinen la Constitución y la Ley.

3ra. Estafa:
 Se tendría igual rango constitucional entre los departamentos, las provincias, los municipios, los territorios indígenas y las regiones.
 Se tendría cinco variedades de autonomías.
 Se daría un descuartizamiento del territorio nacional.
 Ocurriría una redistribución de competencias, lo cual ocasionaría una gran confusión Administrativa.
 Se incumpliría con el mandato constitucional expresado en los referéndums, en sentido de otorgar “Autonomías Departamentales”, ya que estas autonomías no son las que que fueron aprobadas mayoritariamente en las regiones donde ganó el sí.

Planteamiento 26:
 Artículos 298, 299,300,301, 3012,303,304,305,306 de distribución de competencias.

4ta. Estafa
 Distribución de competencias inequitativas para los departamentos (menores que las actuales) y preferenciales para las autonomías indígenas y las regiones. Es decir, discriminación.
 Estricta discrecionalidad política sobre las autonomías.
 Las autonomías no tendrían capacidad legislativa real. Ni siquiera las autonomías indígenas, lo cual consolidaría todo el poder en el gobierno central.
 Creación de cinco variedades de autonomías.
 Confusión, ineficiencia e imposibilidad de administrar el Estado.
 Raquitismo competencial.

Pero en realidad, ¿cuál es el verdadero objetivo del MAS?

Planteamiento 27:
 Art. 411 La reforma total de la Constitución tendrá lugar a través de una Asamblea Constituyente originaria plenipotenciaria, activada por voluntad popular mediante referendo. La convocatoria a referendo se realizará por iniciativa popular, con la firma de al menos veinte por ciento del electorado; por mayoría absoluta de los miembros de la Asamblea Legislativa Plurinacional; o por el Presidente del Estado. La Asamblea Constituyente se autorregulará a todos los efectos. La vigencia de la reforma necesitará referendo constitucional aprobatorio.

 Esta versión de CPE masista solo es TEMPORAL.
 La verdadera CPE será hecha en una PRÓXIMA ASAMBLEA CONSTITUYENTE, que podría ser convocada con firmas del 20% del Padrón electoral, o con la Mayoría Absoluta del parlamento masista (denominada Asamblea Legislativa Plurinacional), o inclusive solo por el Presidente.
 No se califica el referendo aprobatorio

Planteamiento 28:
 Art. 411 inc. II La reforma parcial de la Constitución podrá iniciarse por iniciativa popular, con la firma de al menos veinte por ciento del electorado; o por la Asamblea Legislativa Plurinacional, mediante ley de reforma constitucional por mayoría absoluta. Cualquier reforma parcial necesitará referendo constitucional aprobatorio.

 La constitución podría ser reformada en cualquier momento, con el 20% del padrón electoral, o si esto no es posible, por el parlamento masista, para adecuarla a sus necesidades.
 La oposición no tendrá posibilidades de frenar futuros cambios a la constitución.
 No se califica el referendo aprobatorio.

Planteamiento 29:
 Disposición Transitoria Primera inc. I El Congreso Nacional, en el plazo máximo de sesenta días desde la promulgación de la Constitución, aprobará de manera excepcional, por única vez y por mayoría absoluta, el régimen electoral provisional necesario para la elección de los miembros de la Asamblea Legislativa Plurinacional y del Presidente y Vicepresidente del Estado.

 El MAS tiene mayoría absoluta por sí solo en el Congreso Nacional
 Por lo tanto, los masistas buscarán tener una nueva legislación electoral favorable a ellos para elegir como les convenga, a los nuevos diputados, senadores y al presidente y vicepresidente de la república.

Planteamiento 30:
 Disposición Transitoria Primera inc. III Los mandatos anteriores a la vigencia de esta Constitución no serán tomados en cuenta a los efectos del cómputo de los nuevos períodos de funciones.
 Inc. IV El número total de Asambleístas elegidos por departamento en la primera elección de la Asamblea Legislativa Plurinacional será el mismo que en el Congreso Nacional cesante.

 Se busca posibilitar la reelección inmediata de Evo Morales y que se mantenga en el cargo por lo menos 10 años más. ESTE ES EL OBJETIVO FINAL DEL PROYECTO DE CONSTITUCIÓN DEL MAS.
 Se busca evitar la redistribución de escaños parlamentarios según la población, para permitir que las minorías indígenas mantengan privilegios sobre las mayorías mestizas.
 Se busca mantener la mayoría en el próximo Congreso.


2:53 PM  
Blogger Locojhon said...

Substitute 'imagine' for 'remember' and you might be closer to being accurate.
Lots of braying from you--lots of invective opinion from you--but where are the facts to backup your assertions?
Do you have any--any at all?
If so, please provide them so that we who are apparently blind, can be as all-seeing as you suggest you are.
Otherwise, STFU....please.
Other than humorously revealing what you apparently use YOUR nose for, your rants are a worthless embarrassment to humanity.
Oh,,,and don't forget to post those facts, will you Alberto???
With regards to an obvious troll,,,John

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Jose Arcadio BuenDia said...

Se busca una total politización del quehacer universitario.

This was a joke, right? Nothing is more politicized than our autonomous public universities already today. The proposal for oversight might actually get them to start being places for study and research, it all depends on WHO the people elect to oversee.

Art. 4 El Estado respeta y garantiza la libertad de religión y de creencias espirituales, de acuerdo con sus cosmovisiones. El Estado es independiente de la religión.

Whats wrong with that? Separation of Church and State does not necessarily exclude Catholic Church mediation in social conflicts... then again it's about time we stop responding to upper middle class Bishops who always favored the status quo anyway. Why the defense of teaching Catholicism in our public schools? Of course it just comes down to social control of future generations by using their faith same as the Christian Right in USA.

Art. 56 I. Toda persona tiene derecho a la propiedad privada individual o colectiva, siempre que ésta cumpla una función social. II. Se garantiza la propiedad privada siempre que el uso que se haga de ella no sea perjudicial al interés colectivo. III. Se garantiza el derecho a la sucesión hereditaria.

This could conceivably be used to confiscate large homes and/or buildings, but as the gentleman/woman states, it depends on further legislation.

Ultimately, why did the opposition not choose to negotiate these points?

Instead, they cried "2/3".. until Evo got 2/3 of the vote.

They cried "capitalia", when it makes absolutely NO SENSE to move the government apparatus to Sucre.

They cried "IDH" when thanks to Evo's policy the IDH is more than doubled even with the Renta Dignidad.

The intransigence of the opposition "leaders" is going to turn their fears into a self-fulfilling prophecy... how can you expect the impoverished masses to respect your private property when you support MASSACRES, and fascist urban paramilitaries that go around beating up anyone that LOOKS like a "masista"?

It is a pathetic playground mentality that even the "neoliberal" elite governments of the region have sense to not support.

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting...while most of us think that the worst is over, the US Embassy just made available a few flights to evacuate its citizens.

Do they know something we don't?


Are they so incompentent and bureocratic that it took them this long to set this up?

ockam's razor shall provide the answer

"Ultimately, why did the opposition not choose to negotiate these points?"

That is the point. Mas did not want to negotiate anything because they had 50+1, the opposition wanted 2/3 because that would have meant some sort of compromise.

2/3 in the CA is a completely different issue than 2/3 in a referendo.

3:37 PM  
Anonymous Jose Arcadio said...

I'm sure they have something up the sleeve, the Company is Always in Action.

But things have changed, and whether Lula wants to speak with Costas and Branko or not, he and all of UNASUR have made it clear that they will support full military put-down if further violence is used as a tactic.

About who doesn't want to negotiate... you trust the "mainstream media" and word of mouth from the upper classes... I trust "alternative media" and word of mouth from the lower classes.

My idea has always been to have fully televised negotiations, live and real-time. The fact that NEITHER side has this idea tells us that they are both not fully honest.

But anyway... isn't it just a little strange that all of the "civicos" and "autonomistas" are also LARGE, nay, HUGE landholders?

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Adriana said...

John....tsk tsk tsk.

Angry aren´t we Johnny?

Angry that a few of the millions of people who know and understand the truth about Bolivia actually bother to take a look at this shitty website with articles that, admit it, are only a bunch of lies. Time after time.

You know nothing about humanity. You lie to people who now will probably believe you. But they will find out some day. And then what will you do, Johnny?. Your present friends, who look up to you, and probably know you very well, will some day find out that you were a crook. A mercenary of ideas, who helped to bring a war to innocent people, so they kill each other while a few power hungry demons enjoy the bloody feast.

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys... chill out a moment...

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grindo you panzy pink hide...
Get your sissy ass back down here and fight for what you spew...

The ambassador was right down condesending about Morales's regime WITH CAUSE. He had every reason to be.
Morales is as inept as a leader as any South america leader can be, he has a bi-polar vice president with a terrorist back ground, Quintana is a foaming at the mouth marxist/conspiracy nut who was a derelict military officer, and Rada is a plain sociopath... all part of Morales's clown show of a ministerial cabinet.

All of the employees at the US embassy who have had to deal with such a sorry excuse for government agree. I have first hand seen collosal ineptitude, corruption, and down right lies spewed by the ministers to our faces.

Our ambassador did his best to put up with an administration hell bent on using the US as a scapegoat for their failure to govern equitably... a regime hell bent on power and that has to have an enemy to exist...

BTW all of AMB Goldberg's meetings were out in the open... AND his last one with Costas in Santa Cruz there was a press conference that went with it. Hiding I think not!

7:08 PM  
Blogger Locojhon said...

Angry? Me?? What about my post to you would lead you to say that?
You claim that Jim and the DC and I are spreading lies.
Just name me one lie that I have spread to back up your libelous comment--just one.
Then, not knowing me at all, you label me a crook--based upon what?
You call me a "mercenary of ideas", and I have to admit it has a nice ring to it, but the specificity of the wording implies that I am being paid for my thoughts, and though it would be nice to be paid for expressing myself--again it is not true.
Your character assassination attempt of me is totally without any merit or fact, and I challenge you to prove otherwise.
Here. Now. With facts.
Failure to do so will prove who you really are--and now the ball is in your court, so serve it up factually, or crawl back under the bridge like a good little troll.
Present your facts Adriana--I'll wait--or be known for who you really are--an uninformed, small minded propagandist troll.
With even lesser regards,,,John

7:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 3:37

They know what's unfortunately coming.

Morales has been emboldened by UNASUR support, he's willing to go all the way.

I just read an email from a family member in Santa Cruz. The MAS supporters have already begun taking over and looting private businesses close to chiquitania. Apparently the word is out they are armed and expect many more to arrive within the next few days. The citizens are arming themselves as well.

This is going to end VERY badly if cooler heads don't prevail. Unfortunately I don't think Evo or his opposition will stand down. They're going all in.

7:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to go on record as stating that both sides on this issue ARE WRONG.
Don't blame it all on the Media Luna.
Don't blame it all on the government.
Idiots are running the show for both sides.

7:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So apparently both sides came to some kind of accord.

Jim can you elaborate on the details of said accord that the opposition and the Government have agreed to.

In my opinion the opposition only agreed because of the pressure from the business sector over the very important FEXPO that is coming up. Once the FEXPO goes through I expect them to be back to square one.

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Adriana said...

Oh, dear. Johnny Johnny, Johnny... You are about to enter a world of pain and embarrassment.
One lie, Locojohn?
Here:Third subtitle Road to Confrontation: "...controlled by the most violent opponents of the government." (Right. It´s the fifteenth time Leopoldo Fernandez goes out in a killing rampage wearing nothing but a Rambo bandana and a full metal strap.)
"... A group of indigenous campesinos, backers of Morales, headed to the local capital for a meeting,..." (now here I am really trying hard not to laugh. Jim should make a little effort in those little details, don´t you think?. One word can fuck the whole thing up: A MEETING???, COME ON! try a peaceful protest in the center of the city of Cobija, or a CERCO a tactical blockage of the city as a measure of protest! my goodness. )"... were ambushed..." ( THERE!..... STOP REWIND PLAY ) "... were ambushed... "(SRP) "...were ambushed..." (SRP) "....were armed backers of the local Governor." STOP!

There you have it Johnny You asked for one lie and I gave you three, and I am actually putting my pijamas on while am at it.

It´s all over the newspapers that somehow (we know how, let´s call him Dr. Q)these campesinos were carrying guns, that they shot and wounded first two tractor operators who were making a ditch across the road to prevent a convoy of armed militia to enter the city of Cobija, that then they shot and killed the engineer in charge of the earthwork, his name Oshiro, may he rest in peace. That they kept moving toward Cobija meanwhile citizens organized an armed resistance (as in SELF DEFENSE, Johnny, like when your mother/sister/daughter is being raped you do the act of DEFENDING, clear?), and of course the so called campesinos, having little training with the improvised weapons provided to them after, a scaramuce got unfortunately the worst part of the deal... go on...

"The current body count from that attack is now 25 and climbing as more corpses are discovered in the surrounding fields. The Bolivian press has reported that machine guns were among the weapons used."

The common citizen in Cobija, Johnny, carries a gun, most have a shotgun and many have machine guns. So you see Johnny if anybody is responible of the deaths is Ministro de la Quintana for not anticipating the full blown reaction of the people in Cobija and for sending innocent youngsters to their death .... for a promise of 200 Bs and a job recommendation in any public institution.
Sad isn´t it?

10:07 PM  
Anonymous Joe Puentes said...

Few people realize that the inhabitants of Bolivia´s Lowlands, who call themselves Cambas, build there own department, from a clearing in the woods in the middle of the sixteenth century to the thriving economic power of today. This department never took, nor got anything from the Aymara regions in the Altiplano. The Aymaras and Quechuas, under various Incas, were unable to conquer these Lowland provinces. The Cruceños did, and worked, and have sustained the corrupt regimes in La Paz for as long as their country exists. Only in 1959, 34 years after they found oil and started its production, did they finally get the promised 11% royalties from the central government. But not before president Siles Suazo sent an expeditionnary force of 10.000 indians, from a place called Ucureño, accompanied by 3000 soldiers, to teach the pacific people of Santa Cruz a lesson. While holding the inhabitants of the city under control at gun point, raping the women, a detachment went after the students and youngsters of the Union Juvenil Cruceño, torturing and cutting slowly to pieces the ones they found.
Their crime: insisting in the payment of the 11% royalties owned.
Evo Morales, after 48 years, has taken these royalties away from Santa Cruz. That´s the reason for their protest, together with the fact that they reject the new constitution Evo and his people want to push down their throats.
Evo cinically equates all Cruceños with racists, landowners, and exploiters, opposed to his democratic policies. It is a sign of his successful propaganda campaign that so many readers of this article believe his side of the story. Which, sadly to say, is also proof of the irresponsable reporting on Bolivia in most of the international press. Evo´s war against the white people of Bolivia has been gearing-up visibly since a couple of years. They know that if they don´t respond now, they will be forced to leave the country in the future, a country that is theirs, more so than it is Evo´s and his fellow Aymaras. They are asking from the central government nothing more than a fair deal, but in the absence of a decent offer from Evo, they rather die fighting then surrender to the indignant proposals of his new constitution. I want to finish this comment with a poem from a poet from the High Lands, an indian, about that day in 1958, when the town of Santa Cruz was terrorized by the people from Uruceño. More than my comments this poem might convey to you the horrors of people set against each other by their leaders, as is happening today.

Por Pedro Shimose

Santa Cruz de la Sierra dolorosa,
mi sangre está hecha de tu sangre
y tu martirio es mi martirio.
En tu rostro se va el beso como una huella de traición,
en tus lágrimas se va el musgo de aguaceros perseguidos.
Ay Terebinto, Terebinto,
Crujen los huesos de los destripados
sangran los pies de los fugitivos que volvieron a los bosques
a pelear por lo que es nuestro,
por lo que es tuyo madre nuestra.
Lloran las viudas sobre las moscas de sus hijos muertos.
Les sacaron los ojos.
Les sacaron la lengua.
Les cortaron los dedos
uno a uno
para que no pudieran contar los días de la venganza que se avecina
con los segundos de los minutos,
con los minutos de las horas,
con las horas del porvenir,
con todo el rencor de nuestra soledad y desamparo.

Ay Dios mío, Dios mío,
desde los cerros las sombras se descolgaron y cayeron sobre el día
y rodaron por las carreteras.
A machetazos,
a culatazos,
quisieron doblegarte y humillarte cuando estabas maniatada
y cuando los cuervos decían: “no pasa nada”…
y los milicianos te horadaban el cráneo,
y los milicianos violaban a las mujeres,
aquí no pasa nada y los milicianos incendiaban arrozales,
y con los milicianos se cumplía la orden de los déspotas!

Santa Cruz de la Sierra dolorosa y heroica,
no fui un cobarde
ni me oculté ni te negué cuando te flagelaban en las plazas
y nadie se atrevió a defenderte,
cuando nadie tuvo el coraje de ser hermano tuyo,
cuando tus hijos se hundieron en los bosques
entre mosquitos y sanguijuelas,
entre sapos y humedad y tiros!

Cuando te masacraron las entrañas
yo estaba allá en el Ande
junto a los que te quieren bien y te querrán desde que te querían
padeciendo lo que padecías,
llorando lo que llorabas
y esperando las horas de estos versos.
Ay Terebinto, Terebinto,
te llevare por siempre en la memoria.

Estos versos del laureado poeta don Pedro Shimose, dan la pauta de lo que fueron las masacres de Terebinto.

La Paz, Julio de 1958.

10:08 PM  
Anonymous Jose Arcadio said...

This department never took, nor got anything from the Aymara regions in the Altiplano

Terebinto was a tragedy, a massacre.. but let's not play that game... beginning with the massacre in Pando last week, there are dozens of examples where the white elites-be they from La Paz or Santa Cruz- did the same and worse to the Indios.

Back to your quote, sir, are you familiar with the Plan Bohan? How many billions of dollars have been sent from the mines of Oruro and Potosi (yes, the Aymara lands) to finance the growth of Santa Cruz since 1940?

How many loans did Banzer take out to finance the agribusiness of his friends, on GOVERNMENT/NATIONAL lands which he gave away to them for free, which are now being paid by that evil central government of the "Aymaras" and "Quechuas"?

Come on. They are negotiating now, let's hope BOTH sides mean it.

10:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The so called “autonomists” can no longer afford the “blockade” of the Chaco region. It was called off late today (September 16, 2008). In the end that action was a self inflicted wound from which they will not recuperate for a long time.

In the latter days, the civicos probably also ran out of cash to pay their mercenaries and must have watched in horror as their goons went on a free for all in Santa Cruz in order to collect their pay.

Those goons are not patriots. There are no medialuna patriots. The medialuna patriot, like the one with the neo Nazi shield pictured in Jim’s post, is a mirage created by Costas and Co. The rich in Santa Cruz remained behind their walled villas while their “jovenes” for hire terrorized the city of Santa Cruz.


The US’s latest political move was to put Bolivia on a “counter-narcotics blacklist” because it claims the Bolivian government is not doing enough to combat drug crime.
I wonder what the US policy makers think of Mexico and Colombia.

Late Monday September 15, 2008 Narco-criminals used grenades to kill innocent Mexicans, celebrating Mexican Independence day, in the City of Morelia. This latest attack is another in a chain of despicable crimes in a country which receives massive amounts of American money and praise for its war against the drug cartels.

Colombia another country which receives money and praise, recently even receiving a visit by a US presidential candidate, claims huge advances in its drug war but its victory is cosmetic. Its large cities, protected by a wall of soldiers and weapons, are vibrant but its hinterlands are lawless enclaves ruled by warlords.


12:04 AM  
Blogger Locojhon said...

You say "My idea has always been to have fully televised negotiations, live and real-time," and I agree--in a perfect world, that would be ideal.
You go on to say "The fact that NEITHER side has this idea tells us that they are both not fully honest," and with this I'm not so sure--especially since the autonomistas have burned and looted the pro-government radio and T-V stations, and with provocative editing even reasonable statements can be turned inside-out to make one's opponent look like a fool, or even evil.
In a perfect world of course, you would be right. But then again if that were so, we would not be having this discussion.
Overall though, I agree with you, with that one caveat.

2:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whipping up anti US hysteria is not going to do any good to Bolivia or the morales government. Bolivia needed and need to follow a wiser path (underline wiser). Seek only the counsel of Lula and Michelle Bachelette. Keep Chavez at a distance. His choice of allies will make life difficult for him and the Bolivian people because he will be financially crippled and Venezuela does not have unlimited resource to support his government. Without economic growth he cannot deliver on his promises to the indigenous people.

Santa Cruz gang is playing with fire too. Morales is no Mandela, and the rebelious provinces should be aware of it. What I mean to say is that Morales will not as forgiving as Mandela was to the white racists in South Africa. These provinces monopolized the resources of Bolivia and benefited the descendent of Spanish leftover. They better learn to share otherwise they will face the same fate as the Indians of erstwhile East Africa ---expelled.

The deported US ambassador, what can I say? With Bush, we dumbed down every facets of our government. So I am not surprised by the actions of Goldberg. He probably did not even know whether there was a country called Bolivia before he was appointed ambassador. If I were someone other than Bush, I would have kept a safe distance from internal politics of Bolivia knowing fully well chavez economic model is going to fail. All you have to do is to look at agricultural imports of Venezuela, a tropical country cannot grow enough food. With all of Chavez's promises he has not been able to deliver any significant boost in agricultural production. So "21st Century socialism" is nothing but another stupid slogan cooked up another South American dictator.

All America needed to do is to diversify away from fossil fuel to quell this sort of unrest. Who am I kidding? That would be too logical for most of my fellow dumb americans. Heil to the rise of mediocrity!!!

3:15 AM  
Blogger Locojhon said...

First, I'd like to thank you for sharing that beautiful/awful/honestly written poem of Terebinto, depicting the horrors of only one page of Bolivia's sad history.
There are many similar pages of course, and if one lived one's life only based upon one's family history by reacting to the many injustices of the past, the rivers would run blood-red, and there would be no Bolivia.
I don't question your sincerity; I just believe you are sincerely wrong.
For example, when you state that "Evo Morales, after 48 years, has taken these royalties away from Santa Cruz," do you honestly deny the facts of increased payments to Crucenos under Morales as is factually stated here:
evo-morales-hands-out-gas-bonanza.html ??? Or were you unaware of these facts, having succumbed to the anti-Morales propaganda?
You go on to say: that´s the reason for their protest, together with the fact that they reject the new constitution Evo and his people want to push down their throats," failing to mention that, as factually stated here:
bolivia-recall-referendum-final-numbers.html that Morales actually won 85% of all of the precincts. Again I wonder if you were aware that even in Santa Cruz prefecture, most of the precincts actually voted for Morales?
The facts as stated in the above links are irrefutable, and amply demonstrate that your arguments are without factual basis, though your passions seem sincere. Many though, are sincerely wrong.
In light of the above facts--not opinions--what have you to say?

4:13 AM  
Blogger Locojhon said...

@Adriana (again)
Do you need help with reading comprehension, or are you deliberately misleading?
My quote was "Just name me one lie that I have spread to back up your libelous comment--just one."
And your response to me?
Something I never stated.
Jim can defend himself and what he wrote just fine, without any help from me, but I must point out that your assertions are not only unproven--they are laughable--as in your claim that many of the common citizens of Cobija have machine guns, when anyone who has actually been there, knows that the indigenous have machetes, and the elite are the ones who can typically afford those expensive weapons you mention.
We seem to agree on one thing only: that the situation in Bolivia is sad--incredibly sad--especially for the families of the ones murdered by those you support.
Again little troll, I await your facts, and lacking those you expose yourself as a propagandist.
Sleep well under your bridge.

4:43 AM  
Blogger Norman said...

Franco are you joking or simply ignoring the facts? Colombia is fully cooperating in the fight against narcotics. If you don't thik so just take a look at all the pro-narcotics websites decrying their actions. A quick search shows that the US and Mexico are nearing a deal on bilateral assistance in thedrug war. morales in the meantime has barely erradicated the absolute minimum for the last 2 years running. Who knows about this year, but I'm not holding my breath. He's been playing a numbers game and it may have just caught up with him to the tune of about 300 million.

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Adriana V. said...


John.....(ay mierda...)

You obviously did ok in reading comprehension class. Probably you enjoyed looking at teacher´s boobs more than in ...say math? remember the logics class?? ... no of course not "ponendo ponens..." "tolendo tolens...", no?

OK, you are defending Jim´s articles and propaganda (because that´s what this page is: PROPAGANDA)

So my point is that when you are saying that the article brings true information to the reader you are LYING.

Of course you are nothing but a Judas, A TRAITOR? remember the guy that kissed Jesus on the cheek to mark him for his arrest?

And cowardly after previous defense of your Jimbo buddy you back up and like a rat excuse yourself: "Jim can defend himself and what he wrote just fine, without any help from me, but I must point out that your assertions are not only..."

See Loquito? You are so loquito that you stab your friends in the back and don´t even blink.

If you are going to respond, please try something else as an insult. Bridge? troll? are you calling me ugly? did I post a picture? NO! SO YOU ARE THE ONE IMAGINING THINGS, probably from watching too many horror B movies.

See yuz! and take your pills you pogue!

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Adriana V.,
Crazy John is not defending Jim’s articles. He is agreeing with them. That’s why he declines to defend him. He doesn’t have to. Those that may agree with Jim let him speak for himself. That isn’t close to backstabbing. And let’s leave the fictional Judas out of the equation. You could at least use someone like Benedict Arnold or Quisling or McCain(real people, that is). Jim Schultz (the Californian, not the Minnesotan) writes from his perspective. He is NOT hell-bent on spreading “propaganda”.
Buffy :)

7:58 PM  
Blogger Norman said...

the fictional Judas

Oh we do like to stir the pot, don't we Buff.

6:48 AM  
Blogger Locojhon said...

To the deniers of the Pando massacre, watch this:

and read this:

When you're finished, deny it again if you can.....
I'll not wait for the courage to admit you were wrong...

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

riots in USA

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This just in:

Footage from the supposed massacre in Cobija a government scam.

Opposition leaders from Pando have denounced that the footage appearing in the continuous government spots is, according to experts, a "scam"... carelessly elaborated with common TV cameras and shown as cell phone video recordings of the events.
"these experts have identified the shortcomings of the footage presented as cellphone recordings, while the images have angles and resolution only available to common TV/movie cameras"
Another incoherence in the images is the distance at which the supposed victims are shot.
"...considering the distance at which the people are supposedly shot in the river, which is more than 200 m, one can conclude that the whole footage is theatrical. One can hear the shots and then the "victims" dive in like inert objects, as if they had been impacted, but that is simply impossible because of the distance"

3:25 PM  
Blogger Locojhon said...

@Anon 3:25 PM,,,
You have no idea what you are taking about. They were killed with high caliber .22 ammunition from a .223 m-16--standard issue in good hands easily capable of killing shots at that 200 meter distance, and with an expert, out to 1000 yards or more. One can easily see the bullets that missed hitting their targets, hit the water near those trying to escape. The only reason many more were not killed is due to the lack of marksmanship--not the weaponry they used.
The film I posted 3 or 4 posts ago is real--no question about it. It speaks volumes as to the cowardice and brutality of those firing on the fleeing defenseless people. It also speaks volume obout people such as yourself trying to defend them.

8:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Got ya!

So you admit the army killed the peasants! I knew it. See?

It´s all a facade!!!

El pez muere por la boca, Locojohn!

11:13 PM  
Blogger Locojhon said...

@anon 11:13
No such admission was made by me. The prefect had been training his own elite illegal force, fully armed and equipped with modern weaponry.
Those are the ones the eye witnesses testify they saw murdering the protesters, not the official government or police.
Propaganda consists in part of turning upside down and inside out remarks which can be then used for political advantage.
Your attempt to turn what I said into the opposite is a perfect example of a propagandist's work. Thanks for exposing yourself so clearly.

8:27 AM  
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