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Mob Attacks Home of Former Vice President -- and Another U.S. Diplomat is Ousted

On Saturday a mob invaded the altiplano home of Victor Hugo Cardenas, the Aymara intellectual who served as Bolivia's Vice President under President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada (1993-97). Cardenas was away at the time but members of his family, including his wife and children, reported being physically attacked before their home was taken over entirely in an act of political violence spurred by Cardenas' recent opposition to the new MAS-backed constitution. The former Vice-President had also made indications that he was considering running against Morales in next December's presidential elections.

Lidia Katari, Cardenas' wife, is also a well-known and respected figure in Bolivia, who during her time as Bolivia's 'segundo dama' was known for continuing to wear traditional indigenous clothing.

Los Tiempos on Sunday quoted a campesino leader, Alfredo Huañapaco, as justifying the attack on the basis of Cardenas' 'traitorous' acts against his people and that the hose "served no social function." The mob that took over the house claimed its intention to turn it into a home for the aged.

Critics of the government, including Cardenas, were quick to lay blame for the attack on Morales, including claims that national officials had refused to provide the house with security after the family had received threats. PODEMOS leader and ex-President Jorge Quiroga put the attack in a line-up of "violent acts" by Morales supporters, including the burning of the Cochabamba governor's office in January 2007.

Speaking for the government, Interior Vice-Minister Marcos Farfán told the press that the government had nothing to do with the attack and, in fact, sent security forces to the house and to expel those who had taken it over.

Today, in the wake of the attack, Cardenas announced formally that he will challenge Morales for the Presidency in December. He joins a field that will likely include former President Carlos Mesa, Sanchez de Lozada's other Vice-President (2002-2003) among others. Cardenas declared, "What is real, what is concrete is that the government headed by Evo Morales on Saturday did not provide protection for my house or for the lives of my family."

Regardless of what one thinks of either Cardenas, Morales, or any other political figure, the protection of democratic space is essential, and that includes the open right to dissent. As long-time readers of this Blog know, for more than four years we have practiced that here with a 100% uncensored comments section that allows even the stupidest of things to be said without filtration.

The principle that we believe in for our own work we believe in for the larger public debate as well. All political figures, whether of the left or the right, ought to reaffirm that principle in Bolivia, not just in word but also in deed.

Update Tuesday Morning

The sacking of the home of the former Vice-President and the brutal attacks on his family continue to grab front-page headlines here, as it should.

Yesterday brought a new round of denunciations against Saturday's attack – not only from the Morales government's usually critics but from UN officials, religious leaders and prominent members of MAS as well. Jorge Silva, a MAS member of Congress is quoted in Los Tiempos saying, "there is no justification to violently attack, to invade a home, or to beat people."

While both President Morales and Vice-President Alvaro Garcia Linera voiced a general condemnation of the violence, both also sought to justify it in public comments. Morales (also quoted in Los Tiempos) said, "The people do not tolerate or forgive traitors."

Garcia Linera declared (according to a Red Erbol report), “We regret this act. Those responsible need to be sought…there is no justification for doing damage, for attacking private property." But he then went on to offer a justification as well, "We reject the provocative declarations of the ex-Vice President. What is it that Victor Hugo Cardenas did such that his own [indigenous] brothers assumed this grave reaction?" Linera went on to suggest that Cardenas' house might be expropriated by the state.

Erbol also reported mixed reaction from Bolivian indigenous leaders to the Saturday attack, which left several members of Cardenas' family still hospitalized as of this writing.

Cruz Chura, leader of the Consejo Nacional de Ayllus y Markas del Qullasuyu (CONAMAQ), declared, “I have understood that on more than one occasion the community summoned Victor Choquehuanca [Cardenas] to defended, to argue why he denied his [indigenous] family and he never had the dignity to respond to the authorities of this region."

On the other side, Pedro Nuny, Vice-President of the Confederación de Pueblos Indígenas de Bolivia (CIDOB), called on those of the altiplano to calm themselves and said there was no justification for what occurred Saturday. "This act is not justified, because here in the lowlands we have suffered the taking of our offices because we think in a different manner than those violent groups here. Brothers, we do not defend Cardenas, he has to pay for the things that he has done to this country, but now he is the victim."

Personally, I do not find it very hard to see the principle at stake here. Just as this Blog has denounced, over and over again, violence against the innocent at the hands of Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada and others on one side of Bolivian politics, the same must hold true for the other side of Bolivian politics as well. Political argument should be confronted with political argument, not violence. Political movement should be confronted with political movement, not violence. And people's families should be left out of it entirely.

It is also certain that a real political candidacy has been born out of Saturday's attack. Cardenas, who has been little more than a footnote in Bolivian politics for more than a decade now bears the badge of martyr. Watch him now become the rallying point for a variety of political forces opposed to Morales' reelection later this year, drawing foreign headlines of, "In Bolivia a Battle Between Two Indigenous Candidates."

And One More U.S. Diplomat Sent Home

Not to be lost in the public uproar over the Saturday attack is the declaration yesterday by President Morales that he is sending a second U.S. diplomat home to the U.S., Embassy assistant, Francisco Martinez.

Evo accused Martinez of interfering in Bolivia's domestic affairs, including "ongoing" relations with opposition groups and contact with ex-agents of the police that the government has charged with plotting anti-government activities. The sending home of Martinez follows the ousting, last September, of the U.S. Ambassador to Bolivia, Phillip Goldberg, amidst accusations of his interference in domestic politics. Late last year Morales also expelled the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) from Bolivia, claiming it too was intervening in political affairs. It's longtime Cochabamba headquarters is being converted into an auto showroom.

The U.S. State Department denounced the decision, calling it "“unwarranted and unjustified.” The U.S. Embassy spokeswoman, Denise Urs, told the press, "We can't understand how the president can assure us that he wants better relations with the United States and at the same time continue to make false accusations."

We haven't had the opportunity to look at the actual facts in this case yet. But one thing is certain, this isn't going to help Bolivia's cause to get the country's exports put back in the ATPDEA trade preference program. So far the prospects of a new Bolivia/U.S. relationship don't look too good.



Blogger chasqui said...

Carajo! Parece que despues de todo voy a tener que volver a Bolivia y ordenar algunos asuntos. I've said it once and will say it again, Evo is not right for the Pachakuti. The condor and the eagle fly together, not against each other. K'aras y T'aras must find a balance and not nihilistic confrontation.

The falcon should heed the falconer. Can Evo control the masses, or will the masses control Evo? Should the latter be the rule in the center, the center will not hold, and for Bolivia that would be more apocalyptic than the second coming.

The economic tsunami has barely reached Bolivia. ATPDEA is just affecting El Alto, and the credit crisis will soon affect multilateral funding and it may have already affected sovereign issuances. Will Evo pander and do battle against Mugabe for infamy? or will he rise to the challenge become a statesman? Unfortunately, he's already given signs of what he will be.

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Dead Left said...

Dude, you are comparing moderation on the comments section of some website to a lynching/stealing mob intimidating a politician by the use of brutal force.

Not the same league bro, not even the same sport.

8:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the comment above. I believe the post was making a point about respecting dissent, in whatever forum we find ourselves (i.e. a former VP dissenting from Evo or commenters dissenting on the Blog).

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Dead Left said...

I got that, and it's a ludicrous comparison; or is the term "minimalist"?

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know.. Evo will blame the CIA for riling up the mob, he will expell some no-body at the US Embassy, call it a day and tomorrow he will complain why the Empire will not send a new ambassador or restore ATPDEA.

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another knuckle-dragging fascist seeks to oppress the inarticulate efforts of the indigenous people to express their grievances as best they can. He does so by attacking them by this wild claim that they were "lynching mob" as stated here: "a lynching/stealing mob intimidating a politician by the use of brutal force".

Jim writes: "the -protection of democratic space is essential, and that includes the open right to dissent"

Yet I don't remember Jim defending that right to a "democratic space" when his fellow whites beat elderly cholitas and kept all indigenous-looking people from entering Santa Cruz's plaza. Is it because he feared the Croats and their neo-nazi henchman? Whereas, he does not fear the indigenous people of the highlands because he knows their power is limited while the croats are sophisticated masters of genocide, a skill honed by years of hate crimes in their nazi homeland?

1:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(sniffing the air)

What's that stink? No, I'm not talking about the awful body excretions of the MAS drunk savages who stormtrooped former VP Cardenas' house, beat his family members to a pulp, and threatened to burn them alive.

It's the stink of racism, stupidity, and intolerance: Mestizo Cuchi Cuchi worshipper and his white VP having the temerity to justify the stormtroop savages' actions by accusing the aymara Cardenas of being "a traitor to his own people." Psst! Real crime: he didn't agree with the new toilet paper constitution.

It's the stink of lack of imagination: Another act of barbarism and/or corruption by Morales and/or his followers, another US diplomat expulsion. You know, at this rate, there aren't going to be any more US embassy staff available to kick out, so Morales will have to find fresh gringo bodies elsewhere. I'd have my luggage nearby if I were you, Jim.

It's the stink of incompetence: Despite several pleas from Cardenas to the police for protection (the same bunch of primitive bipeds had decided to stormtroop his house days before) he was not offered any.

It's the stink of corruption: I'll just pick one straw from the haystack: Morales' brother, all smiles, poses with Banzer favorite Chito Valle and assassin Cordova in Valle's resort. In a hilariously classic "what turns around comes around" (remember the famous Goldberg picture with a "terrorist" in a Santa Cruz fair that -- according to Morales -- proved he was conspiring to topple him?), the government stutters that it was an innocent mistake and that nobody can control who one is going to be in a picture with. The irony is so delicious...and so appropriate.

Despite Jim's very mild rebuke (having your house destroyed and being threatened to be burned alive by a barbaric mob is apparently an attack on "democratic space"), the most putrid and fetid stink is the silence of hypocrisy of the 500 hundred years of oppression-culture of life and dialogue-antiimperialist, anticapitalist, anti US-democracy from the bottom demagogues. Remember the indignant howls of outrage from these bipeds (some HAVE to have been quadrupeds) months ago when a group of campesinos in Sucre were humiliated by an onlooking crowd? Every detail was posted in the internet via YouTube, Jim's thoughtful amateur assistance interviewed onlookers to try to understand the rationale of such hateful acts, thousands of words were dedicated by Jim and others analyzing and rationalizing that situation, racist whites and some mestizos were to blame.

Jim, in fairness, I'll give you a couple of days for you to write a more complete and analytical article and denounce the silence and complicity of the government who failed to protect one of Bolivia's most prominent citizens' constitutional rights, and for you to send your amateur staff to the area to interview Cardenas, his family and -- if they're not threatened to be burned or eaten alive first -- some of the savage zealots savages who participated in such a cowardly act.

Now excuse me, I have to get my gas mask. This stink is overwhelming!


The Croats are Morales' Jews
Beni is Morales' Katrina

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is a very bad pattern. Morales once again called upon the FFAA to support his regime. The fact that he is doing this basically after every incident makes me think back of the 70s early 80s where who was president was decided by the FFAA and not the voters.

Seriously, every week Evo comes up with another reason why people who are concern about social justice, equality, and a better world to hope for his downfall.

At this point the only people who I can think of that would support him are: 1) euro/gringo hippies who want to "legalize it" or simply hate america 2) masistas who are too busy stealing from the gov't and would not want to loose ther "source of employment." 3)people who have absolutely no idea of what is going on in Bolivia.

Does anyone in here still support Evo/

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim, this is pretty predictable. The "dreamers of Goni" don't think you will go far enough in denouncing this until you go sack Evo's house. The "Evo can do no wrong" crowd will attack you for the audacity of questioning violence.

So I guess you hit it just about right. Thanks.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats Jim, you have proven your NGO "objectivity" to your gringo patrons again. I just wish you would express this kind of outrage and disgust every time a MAS or Evo supporter is threaten or beaten by the right-wing opposition, or even your fellow NGOers over at CEJIS. But of course that won't pay the bills.

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

12:32 Thank you for proving my earlier point, but it really wasn't necessary.

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's the difference between the violence, intent, and ideology from the "right wingers" as opposed to that of Cuchi Cuchi worshipper and his minions, 12:32.

The "right wingers" aren't victim mongers who pretend to have truth and morality on their side by constantly preaching equality, compassion, and "social justice" while ranting and raving against racism, intolerance, and oppression. Furthermore, as far as I know of, they haven't planned in masse to violently invade the house of somebody they didn't like with the intent of beating up and burning everything inside -- including women and children.

Many "right wingers" don't pretend to like people of other ethnicities or other races, but at least they're honest about it and don't cloak themselves under the words like "class," "exploitation," "greed," and "traitor to his own race" to justify their own prejudices as most lefties do. That's the main problems many lefties have...they don't practice what they preach. Any lefty (besides Jim) in this blog has denounced this brutal act against Cardenas' family? No, they simply excoriate Jim for having the temerity to (mildly) express his rebuke.

Cuchi Cuchi worshipper is viewed around the world as a wise, just, exotic indigenous leader who wants to give his people the same rights as everybody else and spread the wealth that a white elite has stolen for (yawn) 500 hundred years.

The reality is different: Morales is not wise, he is foolish; he's not just, he's just a petite strongman wannabe; he's neither exotic nor indigenous, he's a mestizo with a Spanish surname who can't even speak a native language. Cardenas, on the other hand, is 100% Aymara and has had a record as a calm, decent intellectual and had been out of politics for a long time.

So, after one hears the mumblings and grumblings of Morales for years about the 500 year oppression mantra, it's frankly insulting for the mestizo president and white vice president to lecture a 100% aymara about race. It's sort of like Hitler blaming the Jews for being sent to Auschwitz.


The Croats are Morales' Jews
Beni is Morales' Katrina

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Croat -

The brand of racism you used here (equating people of darker skin with non-human animals) is totally passe. Haven't you gotten the memo?? That went out of style decades ago. You have to be waaaay more subtle with your racism now in the modern era, otherwise people might dismiss what you say as being racist. Just a tip.

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He´s full of BS, talking about socialism and all of them that are at the top(MAS) are getting richer and richer....bunch of hypocrites....Morales is the president of the cocaleros. Enough said...

4:58 PM  
Anonymous memoria historica said...

Chasqui... wherever (whoever) you are vueeeeeeelve! Vueeeeeelve Sebastiana! At any rate we need an Indio Presidente who can put Fidel or Hugo's caliber of rhetoric up the Emperor du jour's ass, and doesn't need (although theres nothing wrong with that) Gringo consultants blogging in his favor, for Venezuelan petrodollars or conviction either way.

So that discounts Cardenas as well (being that he supposedly has the house in Miami and all), although if Plato was right doesn't the Ll'okalla necessarily need to be a philosopher?

Shit, if only Eduardo Galeano could morph into a Quechua, then Rome might tremble and Dow Jones shit his pants for real.

For once Croat is right, this shit stinks to hell and in response to anon above, I am not satisfied with Evo or Alvaro's response to these illegal and violent actions. My support for the process of change is unquestionable, but my Evo vote in December may turn to Null depending on the next 9 months.

Mr Schultz, can we forever expect Bolivia- US relations to improve only based on our President and authorities not reacting to the very well known diplomatic subterfuges and incitations of the Empire machine? Sure they need better advice, but whats with this Embassy lady complaining about false accusations?

Its not Evo's fault if the CIA is keeping Ms. Urs in the dark. And no, I don't think CIA caused the corruption in YPFB, nor do I think they are here to assist in deployng WiMax to the furthest provinces.

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evo is now known as the Mugabe of South America

see the article in Atlantic:

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's a Cuchi Cuchi worshipper?

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is new? Morales pays peasants and others to burn,hang,whipp men women and children,while the left in the world celebrates, but who defends us Bolivians? the Army ,the police? They are paid also to assault,kidnapp and kill .
This milicias are to put fear on us, my mother that is 87 was beaten at the cementery because she is criolla]white] and was with her companion a cholita that has being with us 40 years, this is how we live in Bolivia now.

7:16 PM  
Anonymous Dead Left said...

"The Croats"?

Did I miss a meme or something while I was away from this site?

Didn't even bother to read the rest, the stench of pathetic leftist rhetoric oozed from the vents in my computer (yes, when confronted with comments so pitiful my computer actually produces odors).

I can only dream of the day when EVO is gone and we can start rebuilding our nation.

Hopefully, when that day comes current NGO expats will have migrated back to their capitalist countries to collect social security and await death while watching sitcoms. Their domestic acolytes will have long killed and eaten each other(s) parts or perhaps migrated as well -to leach on countries ruled by economic and political systems they so-criticize.

I imagine... whatever.

This forum behaves like so I'm gonna troll it until it gets old.

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh boy... is that the pied piper? No, it's only Mizuno "the troller" and "stink bomb" thrower of the Democracy Center. I wonder if Sticky Pants, sticky pants because he spends so much time sitting and "trolling" this site, is aware that violence is not only limited to Bolivia.

12:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Croat:
Why don't you cry when your people beat up indios y cholas in Santa Cruz?
How about neo nazis beating up indios in Sucre?
Cardenas is a sold out, traitor, oportunistic indian, just like Malinche. He should be put in jail in Choncocoro, or he may run not as a candidate but to Miami to reunite with Sanchez de Lozada, Manfred, Zorro Sanchez Berzain, and the other scum. He wants an American Visa as a political persecuted refugee. ja....Sold out Malinche.

3:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The backlash against the mestizo indigenous wannabe Morales and his white failed terrorist Garcia Linera has increased exponentially. Thousands of messages in Bolivia and from around the world have been pouring in supporting Cardenas and his family while condemning the government's nonchalant attitude and attempt to portray him as the one to blame.

Meanwhile, red poncho savages, suddenly constitutional experts -- no doubt thanks to the Cuban "alphabetization program" -- point to certain articles in the new toilet paper constitution they say justify their homicidal intentions and thievery.

Respect for private property? Protection against violent harm from others? Janiwa! (That means "no" for the mestizo indigenous fake who never even made the effort to learn aymara or quechua) These andean nazi/taliban/fascists enforce their own law -- kill who they want to and steal who they want to -- and have reduced Bolivian institutions and the rule of law to ridicule.

You reap what you sow. Ah, ye suckers!

Cardenas has demonstrated admirable restraint and quiet dignity during such anguished moments. He has momentum on his side and the sympathy of many people, and he could be a formidable opponent to Cuchi Cuchi worshipper. Oh, I would love Cardenas to challenge Morales to a debate somewhere deep in the altiplano in aymara or quechua! Arí?


My previous assertions about lefty hypocrisy (especially in this blog) has been proven. Besides Jim's tepid condemnation of not allowing (in his words) "democratic space," there are either quadrupeds spitting out their usual racist antics with horrible grammar (hey, where are the Cuban "alphabetizers" when you need them?), or the usual damning silence by the finger-wagging "democracy from the bottom up," excreting "economic miracle" crowd. The irony is as delicious as appropriate.

6:47, Cuchi Cuchi is a hill Morales venerates. No idea about its sex. Choquehuanca should know.

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a good thing to note here.

You see, as they well know, the regular commenters here are not Bolivians living in Bolivia. They are mainly foreigners, or Bolvians abroad, who take turns spewing their ideological rhetoric at Bolivian reality, with little diference between those spewing from the left or the right. Self-righteousness is a bigger high for them than ideology.

But here in Bolivia the past week, as I talk to real people, there is a much more serious discussion underway about what the attack on Cardenas means for the nation's future. So while the ideologues play with one another in the silly battlefield of a Blog for foreign English speakers, the people whose lives are impacted by all this are having a real conversation -- in person and in Spanish.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Dead Left said...

I live in Bolivia, I'm Bolivian :. I'm "the real people".

You see, it's like these expats writing about what "the real people" ("the real Bolivians", "the real revolutionaries" ad nauseum) think, say and loot. Like the opposition somehow are not people, I think Goebbels wrote something to the effect.

What I, the real people think about this house-thing, well, it's a sign of the times, expected, unavoidable.

Back in 2006 I bought an M2 carbine, the only weapon I've owned or handled since military service, I expect I'll have to use it someday; if only to protect the lives of my family -you see even though they also oppose Evo and Co. they are very "real" to me.

On a related matter,

I never heard my father (he's 64) utter the word "indio" in my lifetime, not until the advent of Evo Morales... now it's indio did this..., and occasionally indio cojudo did that. At first I found it worrisome, then annoying and now I understand why he has included such terms in his Jesuit-formed vocabulary. This is how Evo and Co. has changed society.

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I live in Bolivia, I'm Bolivian :. I'm "the real people".

Prove it.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous memoria historica said...

Interesting points, anon 1044, but Dead Left points out the fallacy in your argument. Besides, what makes you think that Bolivian emigrants in the North or Argentina or Brazil have no interest in events and are not impacted by them?

What makes you think that because I write this comment in English I am not engaging in my society and discussing with my countrymen and women in Spanish offline? Or overhearing parts of conversations in Aymara in the taxi and asking what that person thinks of the situation?

But I disagree that Evo and Co. changed society, only laid bare the prejudices and distrust that lay so close beneath the surface already. If there were racial tensions available for Evo to exacerbate, its only because his predecessors did nothing to fix them.

As for me, my real Bolivian ass does not believe in guns. I try to treat people with respect, and when my elders show their prejudices and racism, I confront them and try to use reason. In a country where the white people have enjoyed an apartheid-like privilege and superiority, cordiality goes a long way.

Usually, it works, as I think more than ultimately racist the urban middle classes of Bolivia are prejudiced towards our campesino counterparts, due to ignorance of each other. And finally, when a mob of ignorant, enraged and irrational campesinos invade private property, I lay the final sociological blame on the elites who ran our country for 200 years and were not able to even create the basic civic decency that is seen in other countries. Though of course the law must be kept, and I can understand someone arming themselves if such a threat is imminent, though I would choose a different path, as stupid as I'm sure it sounds to those who are ready to shoot on day one.

Only about 15% of Bolivians have access to internet, and as you foreigners can see, even this blog is a microcosm of a microcosm of our rich pluri-national state. I look forward to hearing the serious discussion and learning what you, anonymous Gringo 1044, have learned from my fellow citizens while discussing in Spanish, probably within a mile or two of this keyboard and this REAL BOLIVIAN. Who by the way must leave this pleasurable and ecstasy inducing rant to face the lovely bureaucracy which is to renew my ID card, lost in the travails of last months Oruro Carnaval.

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Dead Left said...

I don't need to prove shit to you.

I've worked the land -albeit only for 3 months every year for 10 years or so... and I did see my share of grape and apricot crops go to waste out of a granizada.

I did live in filthy army barracks for a year and two months, getting picked-on 'cause my skin is white; eating shit alongside the indians you can only talk about.

I have known how it feels to not have enough money for a meal, both here and in the US of A where, I picked this nifty language I'm using.

I have consumed pages upon pages of indigenist and racist literature from Reinaga to Quispe, to Taboada.

All of these things I did by choice.

Can you, in any way, however minuscule... relate to this experience?

didn't think so.

5:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

La nómina

1. Víctor Hugo Cárdenas
2. Rufo Calle
3. Fernando Untoja
4. Guillermo Beckar
5. Luis Vásquez
6. René Joaquino
7. Carlos Mesa
8. Alejo Véliz
9. Guido Guardia
10. Savina Cuéllar.

At least we know who's next.

6:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

5:58 Or you are 13 and sitting in your underwear in Miami. No es cierto?

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a proud Gringo stuck in this shithole of a country. Bolivia is screwed up due to the Bolivians on the left and right. I can't wait to leave.

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Dead Left said...


What? do you want a picture of el cristo that I see from my office or should I start chewing coca and writing pro evo bullshit. Is that gonna validate your stupidity?

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, looks like Dead Left is originally from Tarija and now lives in Cochabamba. The efficient Cuban/Bolivian intelligence agency is tracing every step...

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

D/L - get over it, on a Blog you could be anyone. If you think people should just believe whatever anonymous posters write, you might pay the tooth fairy a visit. Maybe you are Goni.

5:58 PM  
Anonymous Dead Left said...

Aja, so 'cause on the internets you play anonymous, everyone else plays anon?

And of course, I could be anyone but who I am, that way you can rationalize not listening to what I have to say. Your logic is undeniable!

So this is what you teach indians in your democracy-building seminars huh "in real life" = dismiss your opponents life experience, and who they are, 'cause they could be fakin' it. Better yet torch their houses with their family still inside!!

That will teach them not the mess or dispute WHO THE REAL BOLIVIANS ARE!

2:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goni and his financing is working just fine. Pay some journalists, pay some idiots to promote discord, find useful tontos like Cardenas o Sabina, and the pseudo white middle class will do the rest.

Easy money, great results; what else can you expect from bolivians who are used to have white masters controling them?

It is like trying to find decency among corrupted people whether it is in USA, Bolivia or anywhere else in the world. Politicians and lawyers are the problem everywhere.

6:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with most of the post by MEMORIA HISTORICA, except for the part on not owning a gun. I've neither owned a gun/rifle before nor been one to desire one, but lately I have been seriously considering buying one. My family and I have worked honestly and diligently for everything we currently own: we pay ALL of our taxes and have never exploited or harmed our country in the way that most politicians have/currently do. But times like these scare people and fear instills paranoia and panic: honestly, who wouldn’t shoot- at least in self-defense- assailants trying to kill you and your family? What gives all those people the right to seize things that do not belong to them and were acquired LEGALLY by others? Even in the case that the current owners are not the legal owners, why should these people have the freedom to exert such power? There’s a process for expropriating anything, and it exists for a reason.
So I ask everyone who lives here: what’s next? Will all the opposition be persecuted because of its beliefs? Will the “Movimientos Sociales” have the freedom to take control of anything they believe is rightfully theirs? Even though I am not “ORIGINARIO,” I am as Bolivian as Evo, García Linera, Costas, and anyone who was born here, raised and lives here. The only way I’m leaving this country, my business, my house, or abandoning anything that is mine- and the fruit of my family’s and my hard efforts- is in a body bag.
Although I certainly appreciate the open dialogue through this blog, reading our posts and this page makes me wonder if this institution should even be called The Democracy Center. Perhaps the more appropriate title would be The Center for the Promotion of Socialism; that is, of course, unless “The Democracy Center” stops blindly defending a government which has strayed from its initial mission and betrayed its promises, and instead starts defending the rights of every Bolivian in this country.
On a slightly different note, I personally disagree with people having to prove where they’re from, but this is a rather anonymous way of communication so:
Propongo que nos encontremos entre BOLIVIANOS aquí en Cochabamba (donde yo vivo). Este tipo de diálogo me interesa muchísimo, no solamente por mi experiencia personal pero a través de una perspectiva más objetiva e intelectual. Como sabrán, mi opinión es claramente que este gobierno está terminado de DESTROZAR y ABUSAra nuestro país, y a mí me gustaría mucho poder discutir este tema con gente que opina distintamente también. Si este supuesto Centro tiene como propósito promover la democracia, sugiero que coordine un encuentro de partes para celebrar la libertad de expresión y la PAZ. Saben que hasta me animaría a pedir a Jim y su gente que organice este encuentro en la Plaza 14 de septiembre en Cochabamba y en la Plaza Abaroa en La Paz. Ojala no pase lo que paso en la marcha por la paz en La Paz y los maleantes de mierda de los satucos nos vengan a pegar.


12:30 PM  
Anonymous Bolivia Libre said...

I had a good laugh after Jim’s post, the promoter of democracy by violent action and restriction of human rights writing against the “mobs” that not long ago were the poorest of the poor fighting for democracy from the ground up. It is clear that for Jim, the maSSist pawns in Bolivia are either mobs or heroes depending on the damage they do to his beloved leader Evo Morales.

The only thing to rescue from the post and what is really scaring the shit out of Jim and his maSSist cohort is his following statement. “Watch him now (Victor Hugo Cardenas) become the rallying point for a variety of political forces opposed to Morales' reelection later this year, drawing foreign headlines of, "In Bolivia a Battle Between Two Indigenous Candidates”. Where we all know Cardenas capacity and human rights record fare outweighs the one of Morales.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cardenas for president, Meza for vice president. What a pair of idiots!

Tuto for president, Sabina for vice, another pair of idiots!

Bolivia will not fall again ever for the corrupted, fake, sold outs.
boluLibre will cry, buy guns, and wet his pants because in Bolivia only the poor indians are mandated to serve in the armed forces and can use weapons, the rest buy libretas but have only used water guns.

Great Business opportunity: Croats selling weapons, white hoods, and body bags.

Don't cry for me Bolivians, time has come for democracy, freedom from the rich mafiosi who have run the country for hundreds of years to produce nothing but poverty. The time for liberty has come three years ago. I do not believe that the croats, neonazis have a chance in bolivia, they should sell their used cars, used clothes and migrate to South Africa, to Miami, or go back to their homeland. On the way out take your KKK robes.

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh so many silly, silly, silly self righteous people with too much time on their hands. My God what did you do before there was Internet, except perhaps teethe?

12:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I look forward to a debate between Cardenas and Morales in Quechua and/or Aymara. Oh, silly me! Evo (the second indian president in S. America)is NOT fluent in either of these languages.

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Victor Hugo Cardenas = Evo Morales' Waterloo

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Those who are responsible for these brutal acts should be held accountable, and high-ranking officials must make clear that under no circumstances are such attacks justified."

José Miguel Vivanco, Americas director at Human Rights Watch

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I put the odds for December that the MAS holds 50% at 50-50...most Bolivians do not approve of mob justice, but it will still be the economy that will give Evo the knock-out punch.

11:48 AM  
Anonymous memoria historica said...

To all the self righteous people who take the time to point out what a waste of time it is to post in this blog, are you really that fucking stupid and oblivious to the irony of your actions?

To Daniel, right on, thats the sort of thing we need. But while I would like to discuss with you, there may be a future time when this is more productive and possible. For one thing, I reject the violence of MAS activists or los Satucos against those who attempted to organize the Paz movement en Plaza Abaroa, but I also reject what I see as the right-wing pro neoliberal tint of these middle class groups, where many of the old party cadres have reappeared.

Have no doubt, I support the lower case movement to socialism in South America, and many governmental policies except for corruption and mob-justice.

As for the economy, what a great opposition we have that is waiting for Dow Jones or NYSE to crash and fuck over our materias primas based economy, and thus sink Evo. Lack of imagination anyone?

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the days go by, the Mugabe of the Andes and his thugs are showing their true intentions. The world is now finally looking.

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh silly me Obama the first African american president is NOT fluent in any African language?.

The Nazis, Croats, and cholos wanabes continue showing their true intentions. The human rights sold out organization is watching. What a joke.

6:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

6:13 Your ignorance is a complete and ridiculous joke.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forty seven posts and nothing from the Buffys, Grindios, Daniels, etc. uuuummmm interesting!

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cuchi cuchi worshiper or Evo is the true sold out, together with his mafia partners. They are sold outs to Soros and the drug traffiquers.
You pseudo commies claim that you are not racist. However all you do is rant about Croats and cholos wanabes. You are in Bolivia to make a mess, in order to boost the drug business. If a war is started all the better, for all you want is chaos.
The funny thing is you know you´re busted. That´s right! We´re on to you. What will it take for you to stop? You keep spending money movilizing the ignorants and resented people in Bolivia, because it´s good business. So, considering you have no morals, even though you rant about crude capitalism, you will keep at it as long as it pays good money.
Like we say, Chavez no es de los que se muere, es de los que hay que matar.
So I guess the same applies to you.
To finish, I hereby rename this crime organization as:


Eustaquio Daugerin

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evo Morales = ignorance, stupidity, hypocrisy …the list is long. For those who believe that Hugo Chavez is a bad guy with a big mouth and a small brain let me tell you Evo Morales is much worse. If there are still some people thinking that he is a good person, please read the newspapers, especially the Bolivian ones and get a well informed opinion.

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evo Morales = ignorance, stupidity, hypocrisy …the list is long. For those who believe that Hugo Chavez is a bad guy with a big mouth and a small brain let me tell you Evo Morales is much worse. If there are still some people thinking that he is a good person, please read the newspapers, especially the Bolivian ones and get a well informed opinion.

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which bolivian newspapers are well informed? You must be joking.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MOOK: The trouble with Goni Sanchez de Lozada
Published: Monday, March 16, 2009

Last Friday before break, under everyone’s nose, the Boston University Economics Department hosted former President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada of Bolivia, who’s wanted for extradition since he fled his country in 2003 after ordering his military to openly fire on civilians. Official accounts claim 67 people died, with well over 400 wounded.

Sanchez de Lozada, known as “Goni” to his friends, lives/hides in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. — a contentious point for most Bolivians since he has treaty-bound charges against him to face trial in Bolivia. Yet he was here, at BU, speaking to wide-eyed economics majors about the need for referees in the economic “game” and how coca should be legalized. How much did we pay to have a criminal come and address our students?

Let me provide some background: Bolivia, though plentiful in silver, tin, rubber, lithium and natural gas, is the poorest country in South America, with income distribution worsening throughout the past two decades. From 1993 to 1997 and from 2002 to 2003, Goni, owner of Bolivia’s second-largest mine, was president. In 1985, to solve hyperinflation, he ushered in Bolivia’s “neoliberal” era touted by former Harvard University professor Jeffery Sachs. Implementing the free market meant breaking up national mines, jailing union leaders, cutting tens of thousands of jobs and erasing any semblance of workers’ rights or public subsidies. Goni is that fascist boss Woody Guthrie’s always singing about.

Now, Bolivia is the star of globalization’s resistance movements. It’s a place where McDonald’s failed and the Bechtel Corporation — of Big Dig and Iraq “reconstruction” fame — was forced out after buying a town’s water rights. Goni, who was raised and educated in the United States, seemed to miss this.

In February 2003, Goni’s tax increases, pressured by the International Monetary Fund, sparked protests and a fatal shootout between local police and the national army on the steps of the presidential palace. Eight months later, in October, Goni’s deal to sell cheap gas to the United States led to a massive social revolt, which shut down the capital, La Paz. But instead of listening to his people, he chose to fire upon them.

He did listen to former BU President John Silber, however, who was instrumental in Goni’s first presidency and granted an honorary degree to Goni in the mid-90s. Silber, who greeted Goni on Friday, comes across as the puppet master controlling his marionette with one iron fist. What other global crimes are being partially funded by our undergraduate student fee?

Goni calls his ousting a “coup,” but in my opinion, when the president orders the military to fire indiscriminately on his own people, he loses all legitimacy to rule. Thus, I call on BU to rescind its degree from Goni and request he face the charges against him for the sake of justice and for the families still suffering.

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 12:05 PM You forgot to mention that Sanchez de Lozada ate little kids for breakfast and that he was known to fly over the La Paz using his broom. Young man or woman, you have no idea what you are writing about!

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What Evo and supporters did not like was that Cardenas spoke against the constitution. He said that it would marginalize the Indians. The government use his infiltrated people to win over the Campesino unions as a punishment/revenge for having campaigned against the MAS constitution. Cardenas was president 1993 or before that is over 15 years ago, they could have done something before. Other than bilingual education, Cardenas promised a lot and delivered little, but it is no excuse.
I believe Evo is digging his own grave, since he promiste respect for private property. He and Garcia Linera reacted angrily and in deceiving ways, even lying, could be unintentional, but technically they did. This is what they said:
Garcia Linera said that Cardenas was victimizing himself and that he was no victim, but "victimario" I guess that means asassin or the attacker. He probably referred to the 2003 massacre of El Alto, but Cardenas was not vice president then, only during Goni's first term 1993. But this is a way to deceive and justify the action.
Evo said that he was tired of his lies and that Cardenas had a double speech when talking to the rich and when talking to the indians regarding the constitution. He said that Cardenas had changed his lastname from Choquehuanca and that what kind of people would do that? He said this is why he hanged out with the neoliberals, this was later proved to be wrong. Cardenas'father changed it in the 40' when you had to do it to get into University. If you are Indian with an indigenous lastname that was very common, because La Paz society was extremely racist and tried to destroy by all means the construction of an educated Aymara middleclass.
Another thing is that Cardenas said that Evo did not speak Aymara, that made Evo go bananas, Evo responded that he was monolingual until 10. Could be true that he first spoke Aymara, but there is great pressure in Bolivia to forget the native tongue. Only God know if Evo is just a fake.

5:56 PM  

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